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  1. Ever think youre dead, or dying, or going to be stuck 'like this' forever now? Well its like that but you cant see either

  2. It's pretty weird. Take a higher dose over a low one ime it's more comfortable

  3. Me too. Your ego is being deconstructed and the anxiety you usually mask is shown. Ask yourself why you're anxious while experiencing it and go deep down the those thought processes

  4. I wish I knew to just LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! after I innoculated. Inspecting them everyday doesn't help them. Just forget about it for awhile

  5. There's 2 main species of psilocybin mushrooms that I come across regularly. Panaeolus cyanesens and psilocybe cubensis. Cubensis are the standard very easy to grow magic mushrooms. They come in many phenotypes or "strains" but unless you get something really mutated they will all be very similar. Psilocybin is psilocybin. The cleanest spores I ever bought were genetics called rusty Whyte. Smaller albinos but they were seriously potent and blew me away. Panaeolus cyanesens are the fungi you typically look for in the wild, cow pastures. Pan cyans are a different threat, the experience is always extremely intense while shorter.

  6. Shrooms are one of the best tools for sitting quietly with your thoughts. Get uncomfortable and go deep. As long as you're in a safe place just keep your eyes closed and fall back into the abyss behind your your eyes

  7. "im not an addict but nothing makes me happy but a screen" you're an addict. Getting it out and understanding what it means to be addicted to something is the first step. You just need dopamine detoxing. Delete social media stop watching porn stop doing anything that you would turn to for stimulation for 2 weeks minimum. You make posts about wanting to kill yourself all the time you need to atleast try to detox. And stop trying to make yourself politically involved as a 17-18 year older, you don't understand yourself at all yet so why would you try to understand politics? Waste of time, it's because it's another distraction from your life. You know what you need to do to get on track you just need to stop blaming others.

  8. Me and my friends of my my whole life do this kind of thing. It's joking and not serious, people here are really soft hahaha remember this is reddit.

  9. Personally I feel like my friends would do this and we'd all know we are joking. Very casual jokes about blowing eachother up and looting each others bodies. Maybe they weren't expecting you to take it seriously? This sounds like my friend group but it's not like any of us would ever actually stab one another, even if we're schizzed off lss

  10. Looks like a combination of cancer aids mold gmos antisemitism and perhaps some bugs too.

  11. No. This Guy Tells Someone that has more than enough RAM to get more because it's apparently Not enough. That's Just stupid.

  12. 4gb of ram is certainly enough for browsing and streaming videos, games and larger programs need 8 or more typically now. Even chrome made me had to upgrade from 8 to 16 just to run smooth.

  13. I never did more than an 8th because I feel like high doses I couldn’t even process my insights. DMT and salvia breakthroughs were my most intense psychedelic experiences

  14. Lsd is an extremely potent chemical as threshold effects can be found at sub 30 micrograms ug (microgram) mg (milligram) g (gram) 1000ug is 1mg, 1000mg is 1 g, 1000g is 1 kg

  15. I have tried DMT, these shrooms are just too potent. “Blue mexi” aka blue meanie

  16. I experiment with true Hawaiian blue meanies a lot. There is something extremely different about them when compared to cubes. Extremely mentally taxing, it's like squaring up to a giant black dude in your mind before being body slammed through a table covered in alien technology.

  17. People need to remember these words are just sign posts to new perspectives of understanding, if something doesn't mesh with you, that's fine, but perhaps you weren't looking at it in the right light, and perhaps if you just switched a pesky word out you'll be able to see the same truth others see

  18. Everybody has a different relationship with the words they use

  19. Ask if I'm being too annoying over and over then forget about what I was about to try to tell my sober friend in an attempt to appropriate myself to his sober situation but to no avail. I only like tripping with people who are tripping as hard as I am. Don't be with people who are going to tell you to calm down or dont understand the headspace at all.

  20. Is there any effect on plant health? Do they compete for nutrients?

  21. You dont need to convince me. You put mycleium in the pot. The chances it is something else are low. Also it looks cubish enough.

  22. Just saying that because this isn't a very good angle for identification, and I expect people to flock and tell me I'm stupid and not to eat it because it's a flowerpot mushroom and doesn't look anything like cubes they've seen. Lots of common mushrooms resemble a cube from this angle lol

  23. Bro do not tell people what will affect them and what wont. 1.5 grams can do a fucking lot to you especially if you're not as experienced or aren't ready to forget what you were about to think about 100 times over. Possibly expect going to the bathroom a lot, getting distracted by the mirror and forgetting to pee then leaving

  24. that’s such a specific thing that whenever i think of you i’ll know you as the guy who forgot to pee because a mirror distracted him. pee boy

  25. Yes, also remember me as the guy who got his leg stuck under the table because it would have been really inconvenient for me to cut my leg off just to pay some doctors to surgically reattach it.

  26. Thanks I’ve done a bit of research

  27. Then forget everything you've researched so far and start again lol

  28. Fuck yeah that ginger is gonna help with any stomach deviancy as well. Happy fungal consumptions you happy little clump of cells

  29. I’m guessing you never had a high dose of edibles? I’ve had mushrooms, LSD AND a high dose of edible and the edible was the most intense

  30. Must have not been a good dose of LSA. LSA gives extreme vasoconstriction at moderate doses and I've lot all ability to move, physically. I've tried lot of edibles haha nothing has ever gotten me past stoned. Maybe you guys are eating meth brownies?

  31. What’ dose edible? Try 300mg min. Guaranteed trip

  32. Freshman year of highschool was spent making brownies with ounces, also have tried those most likely be dispensery 1000mg, 600mg edible gummies. Super stoned then I fall asleep.

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