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  1. I recently discovered I'm mildly allergic to aluminum and I switched to aluminum free deodorant. I don't miss the rashes, but I constantly feel like I smell terrible 🥲

  2. It’ll take some time but your body will adjust. Right now it’s trying to produce for what it’s used to (pore blocking aluminum). I would get nasty rashes before making the switch too. Started with the brand Ban but I rarely find them. Adidas has a decent one that uses “cotton-tech” to act as a semi-absorbent. Recently started using the Dove moisturizer one and love it!

  3. I miss Canuck, he was such a joy. And a criminal but we love that

  4. So use to it that, some nights, I have those while sleeping and because I'm tired and sleepy I just let the pain to fuck my leg until I fall sleep again.

  5. I get them while sleeping too! As a kid I would literally wake up screaming. I learned waaayyy too late that you can make it stop by standing up on the leg and putting pressure down. It’s hard at first but it works.

  6. I try standing up, pressure down, pressure up, grabbing my foot and pull like a maniac, nothing work.

  7. My other suggestion would be to try using a heating pad. That’s what used to help somewhat before I was told to just stand up and still use it to ease the pain after. I have one with a 2-hr auto-off timer.

  8. NTA- obviously. But on a lighter note. Ya moms is a hypocrite also because the hiding things in the ceiling is in several coming of age 90s movie that she has probably seen. HACKERS is one that comes to mind. Like everyone else call the cops. Look into getting emancipated? Any religion consumed w/ o empathy is trash. Good luck

  9. On a darker note, I have a feeling the mom has a camera in the room. OP has she brought up anything else that she theoretically shouldn’t have been able to see/hear?

  10. Which has always confused the f out of me. Growing up there was a disparity between tipped and non-tipped workers minimum wage but only by a few dollars. Looking at it now it’s pretty much the same for most tipped/non-tipped workers. Canada has always assumed the US’s tipping culture but our wage structures are not even close to the same.

  11. That probably explains why I loved Dishonoured so much. Played through the first one in a weekend

  12. Some places do have laws stating that the stickered price must be honored.

  13. In Canada our laws are very consumer friendly. If the posted/visible price is less than what is shown at checkout then the shopper is entitled to either a $10 discount or the product for free if less than $10.

  14. Thank you for the correction! So that’s probably why I didn’t know about the $10 thing till I saw it in Safeway.

  15. I know this is supposed to be a joke but we really need to stop with mental health stigma’s.

  16. Why oh no! Im stoked that we have another hot nerd in the mix. 🥵

  17. Ahhh gotcha!! TY for passing down the knowledge :)

  18. Is that the one just below the food court? Their chocolate chip cookies are outstanding!

  19. Put it on the shelf next to your Nintendo Powerglove and PSP

  20. One year for my birthday my buddies pooled their money to buy me a PSP. It was supposed to come with a memory card but was it missing (no internal memory) and the backlight was busted right out of the box.

  21. No, we have the three largest air forces in the world. The US air force is the third largest in the US depending on weather you count all the army planes used for general logistics.

  22. Im sorry but *whether. Also thank you for sharing this info, had no idea!

  23. Is it wrong that I enjoy the anesthesia? Like for once I can have a peaceful, pain free sleep.

  24. Yeah I'm 50/50 on the sedation,can't wait to finally relax a bit but then hoping I don't get nauseous afterwards!

  25. I got my fingers crossed for you friend! Good luck :)

  26. Ive never seen anything like this before! Definitely want to try some now :)

  27. To the last point, doesn’t being hydrated help the accessibility of your veins?

  28. Yeah I have to drink a litre of water before my infusions so that my nurse has even the slightest chance of hitting the vein on the first try. It was recommended to me by one of them and the rest have appreciated it.

  29. This is such a beautiful piece. Definitely use your new diamond in another and have multiple beauties.

  30. Been stuck in the hospital since last Wednesday due to a surgery complication. Doing alright considering and hoping to go home tomorrow!

  31. What flavour is the owl pop? I dont see them on the menu as a Canadian.

  32. Ive used polysporin before with an analgesic in it. Heals faster and covers the ouch.

  33. I live in The Netherlands where you can find an Indonesian restaurant almost everywhere because Indonesia was colonized by The Netherlands in The 1800s and I go to the weekly food truck in the city when I have time, I grew up with Indonesian food because my dad is Indonesian.

  34. I had no idea! Thank you for giving me another wiki black hole to dive into.

  35. the only reason why I learned to alt-tab switch-apps was because when i was 13 the family's PC was in the den so...

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