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  1. It was Yoda's idea to take Luke to his aunt and uncle though.

  2. Yoda is old and whacked out on ketamin. Not one you want to come up with ideas

  3. Frister ikke med president Listhaug eller president Vedum, så nei, absolutt ikke. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  4. This one time, when we were three players left, I headshotted the other guy just as he headshotted the third guy. I bet he was pretty pissed, but it was awesome. Dude was sitting with his sniper and must have forgotten to use his ears because I just walked straight up to him and shot, and his shot went off at the exact same time and killed number three.

  5. Cross platform includes absolutely everyone. People on their phones, me on my Switch Lite, everyone.

  6. As someone who has been playing shooters on pc since the mid 90s, I know what disadvantage I'm at, playing on my Switch Lite. Makes kills, good placements and wins taste extra sweet.

  7. Elsparkesykler skader andre trafikanter mindre enn busser, trikker og biler, så regner med vi får en kraftig innstramming på disse andre tingene også da eller? Eller kan det være at folk henger seg litt mye opp i ting som er nytt? Litt uavhengig av hvor skadelig det er? Om ikke, vis gjerne at jeg tar feil, vis hvor stor faren er for andre trafikanter.

  8. Så, fordi det er et kjekt og nytt fremkomstmiddel så burde det være fritt frem å bruke det uansett hvor full og/eller ruset man er?

  9. Any rumors/news on when we are getting the Obi-Wan show??

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