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  1. I agree that the CT cops and Texas cops were much better than the Florida cops, but to be fair……in Florida they’re going to have seen some shit prior.

  2. Can you just put “Various Positions” on your resumé???

  3. It's very odd how high-functioning Lorne is considering how much stewpid bowlchit he pulls.

  4. I think I learned my lesson and I just be able to go home

  5. The only one to still looked interested after seeing the decoy, even Patrick parr was like where is the other girl at?

  6. Right. If you look at his other legal issues it lines up with his desperation to have sex with a kid.

  7. Not only am i repulsed about why he was there but, I get so disgusted when i see him put his whole had in the ice bucket. PIG!

  8. Right. Also he’s missing half a finger lol. Getting that ice dirty with that nub, who knows where it’s been lol

  9. The pizzas were taken to the cops for evidence, but I still wonder what the cops did with the food the predos bought the decoy.

  10. As for the keys I think they didn’t want to reveal the cops were there yet because some people will do crazy stuff when they know they’re about to get arrested (even though Papi probably already knew anyway)

  11. Michael Lubrano is another great example. Laughs Is there a… hidden… camera somewhere?

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