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  1. Black adam Worst is treehouse for me, lightning gets blocked and I just hate it in general, he doesn't have a big up air like morty or velma or downair like finn or whatever so it feels hard to approach them whether they're on the top or bottom platform

  2. I relate to this so much xD I'm doing decent in most games then some 5000 mmr player will just annihilate me and I'd expect to lose but it just feels like they're playing a different game entirely, like i genuinely don't get what they're doing for all their attacks to land, it doesn't feel possible 😭 I'll attack and everytime they'll dodge or their attack will hit me instead then they somehow combo me for 60 damage no matter how much i try to dodge out of it, witchcraft I say. I play a lot but there's no chance I'll ever be that good even if i practiced 25 hours a day, feels like they've just opened a third eye and see something I can't x_x

  3. I want to know the probability it's gotta be ridiculously low

  4. Maining black adam and seeing everybody else get nerfs but him was nice xD

  5. I'd love daphne and freddy vs velma and shaggy to be a thing one day xD I feel like she could play similar to sheik/zero suit samus or maybe even ryu lol

  6. People get mad at "delayed" characters that didn't have a release date to begin with, a roadmap would be a trainwreck but more hints to upcoming characters would be fun

  7. Honestly elden ring is best by miles for me but I just accept people are different lol, couldn't care less what wins

  8. When gayle wants to quit her job and lindas like "Gayle no, how about you just give it one more day and if you still hate it give it one more day then do that forever until you die...and on the weekends you can go home and drink wine"

  9. Yeah I have 0 idea why they "greatly reduced" his jabs hitbox it already didn't work half the time meanwhile I'm getting hit by mortys hammer when I down air his head lol

  10. How is it indefinite if you can only do 2 specials? After that only normals attacks and dodges are avaliable. I've seen jmafia do it in a match when I faced him. It does seem like they are in the air forever but I would think that there is a point they just fall. Their recovery is definitely great but idk about staying in the air forever

  11. Not forever but he can stall for about a minute it's pretty strong

  12. Wish stripe/morty side air got more and maybe harleys downair but I guess it's better they don't go to overvoard right away

  13. I went against a superman like this, forget their name but they had like 3000 mmr and i was playing steven at level 6 with 800 mmr, I think I did 7 damage x'D they definitely would have destroyed my main too though, supermans usually either not that good or he's gonna kill you early everytime lol

  14. I'm hoping they're planning stuff and there wont just randomly be a new character with a tweet about it the same day before silence again xd

  15. Grover appeared in an earlier episode when Calvin invites Bob to the underground social club for Snail Wrestling.

  16. isn't he in the one where felix locks linda in a closet too? (probably not the best description but first one i thought of lol)

  17. "The names Frond, I've got a liscence to..council" "Double oh so sad"

  18. I prefer the way his projectiles reverse but other than that I agree

  19. Jack and Sebek I just like them together xD I guess the theme would be healthy food or something

  20. Garnets really fun I definitely don't want a rework just a few buffs maybe,

  21. doesn't look like one i'd like there's so much crust the cheese doesn't look very melted and i don't really like rocket, kinda just looks like salad on bread

  22. Strangely enough, it's only Mostro. No N. But I do think they should have just gone with Monstro as well.

  23. I haven't even heard of monstro and I've still been calling it that the whole time...I swear there was qn N my brain hurts 😭

  24. She got a dance emote in the new bp even though she can already dance xD I'm hoping they do a christmas event and she gets a skin

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