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  1. That Bradley is basically a super car. Slow for the first two gears but once you hit third…

  2. It’s amazing how far they’ve come with their stops. They always used to be in the 3 seconds but damn have they done an amazing job this season so far

  3. The GTO version will always be one of my favourite Ferraris. Sweet shot none the less OP!

  4. I never said it was. I was making an overall statement

  5. I’ll always enjoy people spotting this Easter egg for the first time. Would make a sick game mode one day. Germans have to protect it while the allies attempt to destroy it

  6. Nice, this idea gives me Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory flashbacks :)

  7. I loved that game. It’s free on steam now and I started playing again. The nostalgia is real lol

  8. That round hitting the turret. Damn…

  9. It isn’t that easy any more with the cap and everything. Ferrari and Red Bull have been amazing out the box and are building on that while Mercedes is still trying to understand it’s own car. No doubt they will pull some surprises this season, but I don’t seem them being in the title fight

  10. Since when was Juve even in the discussion? It’s been 2 weeks of Chelsea is getting him to now Juve being in the mix?

  11. Crazy considering he went like 3 months without scoring. I love Martinez but man when he’s in a dry spell, it’s crazy

  12. Looks like the Warzone intro if I’m honest

  13. And Max having engine issues at the end is the cherry on top

  14. This is seriously fucking disturbing

  15. Ironically, this is one of their better designs I feel like

  16. Lamborghini and Ferrari? God damn I can’t wait to see these cars

  17. I was in a tiger and misclicked and popped put of the hatch and immediately died

  18. Was it Sunday on the BR server? If so, yup that was you 😂

  19. Have to kick it old school and say the Tiger 1

  20. Where the fuck is the piece of shit owner? Hope the guy went to prison

  21. Why would they. People keep buying this shit year over year anyway. They have literally zero incentive to do so

  22. Can’t wait to see him in an Inter kit

  23. Ya! Bring back the engine that was deemed illegal so we can get disqualified. That will show teams…

  24. There’s what, like 30 championships in this photo? Lol

  25. Does your friend not know what fresh air and outside means

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