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  1. You can ask that the police not charge him for previous threats, but that doesn't mean they can't charge him for future threats.

  2. Dont forget that during the who KED decision process, hundreds of troubled, homeless, addicted people were bussed to sudbury for free being offered services that wasn't really in place forcing many of them to live in memorial park downtown while 'certain' people donated tents which most were empty but it sure made sudburians not want anything built downtown.

  3. Well, I didn't want to go downtown before tent city. It didn't need the help.

  4. Well, you can just act confident whether you are or not. Some of my biggest mistakes were prefaced with acting confident in a task I was later proven to not to even be considered competent.

  5. Apply for apprentice jobs, and get registered as an apprentice. You don't have to be done school to start apprenticing.

  6. The Official Opposition party leadership could attract only one candidate? Unbelievable. Just shows how little faith the NDP has in its hopes of becoming the government. Now that DeLuca is gone, maybe the Liberals can start rebuilding.

  7. And how would you know this. She neither acts like or looks like a child.

  8. So in your mind, a mature looking 13 year old who acts grown-up is fair game in the real world?

  9. You're dealing with a whole species that does it, and doesn't have ID's. And they consider themselves adults after they age through levels. So what exactly will you achieve by this outlook?

  10. Not trying to use a technicality to fantasize about sexualizing grown-up looking children. "Doesn't have ID". So if that 13 year old doesn't have ID, you think it's ok?

  11. I just don't understand why some workers do stuff like this. Like why are you defending the big corporation that's exploiting you? Just give them the damn free chicken that someone higher up decided on.

  12. Well, if I'm the one who fucked up and removing the sign will minimize the consequences of my fuck up having repercussions, that sign is coming down for me, not the fat cats.

  13. I don't work in an office, but I do work with the same people every day, and a big part of my social life is the time I spend with the gang at work. I was actually glad during the pandemic that I couldn't work from home, because I got to go hang out with people every day, talk about stuff that's going on, etc. while friends of mine working from home saw almost no one outside of their immediate family for months and months.

  14. Based on your comments, your kids are in a better financial position than most of Reddit. We've got people asking how to stretch their income of $35k/year while paying $2200 for a one bedroom apartment and your kids are living rent free in a house they own outright while making $50k? I'd venture that they haven't asked you for help because they don't need it. They aren't balling, but if their biggest housing expenses are property taxes and utilities, they're probably doing fine.

  15. My friend’s have asked there guidance counsellor and they said they have to retake the courses

  16. And you think you'll dazzle them with the wisdom of Reddit and they'll make an exception for you?

  17. Do you think the US doesn't have the exact same problem? Lots of STEM jobs in rural Montana just hoping some people will move nearby that they can mould into good workers?

  18. The east solution to this is, if it was a born female teacher dressing like this, would it be ok? That's the answer.

  19. You're barking at the wrong tree here, genius. We want to adopt before anything else. I asked the question because I just wanted to know what options even exist in the unlikely event we want biological children in the distant future. Do you even know what most tax dollars even go to?

  20. All I assumed was that you are hoping tax dollars will help pay for you to have your own biological children.

  21. Well, get rid of the car. That's your biggest expense, and one that the vast majority of people in your situation do without.

  22. They can't give you a ticket if it never goes on the road. You can take the plates right off if it's not going on the road.

  23. You weren't driving good and you got a really lenient ticket for not driving good. Take the win. If you go to court, there's a good chance you'll get a ticket for the full amount. Just an FYI, your brakes work going downhill.

  24. Best advice, get collision insurance going forward if you want to be covered for collisions.

  25. There's a million home reno and diy subs. Why post this here? Up high lightbulbs are the same anywhere.

  26. Eastlink and Bell are garbage. You probably have to call Eastlink so they can replace your super outdated router for a slightly less outdated router. Always seems to be the case. Don’t try and buy a new router or wifi booster. They won’t install it and if you do it yourself it won’t work. Save yourself the hassle.

  27. Fuck Bell but thanks for the reply. I've had Eastlink for 20 years or so and never had an issue until this super minor one.

  28. The two guys in "who's listening" on that survey make a combined 600k+$/year...

  29. Well, get the same qualifications and experience and offer to do it for less.

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