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  1. One of the best summations of her channel I saw said:

  2. The apple eating is just an excuse to showcase those rings 💍

  3. hello it's me back from the rabbit hole your comment sent me down 🙋🏽‍♀️🐇🌀

  4. Rabbit hole? Go do a search for "Richard Gere gerbil" and see what comes up! 😉

  5. Right? And did you hear Rod Stewart had to get his stomach pumped once...

  6. People who like Glengarry Glen ROSS also like that movie, como se dice? Citizen Kane.

  7. Alec's Citizen Kane is the Shadow, where he got to

  8. Alec thinks he does accents well. He’s like Hillary. Falls out of character a lot. Especially in MISSISSIPPI. He’s trying to imitate Kim’s southern speak, but PervPaw’s Long Island hard accent pops up throughout.

  9. LOL, yeah no matter what accent he's attempting, it's always just "Alec accent".

  10. As Lao Tzu once said, mysterious are the ways of the Tao...

  11. Cool! I've still never been. Was it easy to find and walk to? Wasn't sure if the snow/ice was covering some of the carvings at this time of year.

  12. I know! It was unexpected, but grammatically reassuring.

  13. She's pretty clear in how she operates. I'm sure she did something like gather the kids around and tell them she was wearing a fake belly because she's an (Instagram) actress just like PeePaw is an actor. Then the kids go along with it and eventually get used to living in Mami's performative dream world. And of course this kind of deception will warp their minds, poor things.

  14. I've had this happen on my car (not a 2003 Honda) - it was a short flex pipe, which was easy to get replaced. Required some welding, but not a new cc. Or is it a longer pipe they want to replace?

  15. Those are right up there with the one I see a lot: "Will fill this out later" on OKC.

  16. Please tell me someone came dressed as Ireland's stepmother.

  17. Which contains more human feces, Larry Jr's diaper, or the soles of Larry Sr's fancy house slippers? (Of course the slippers would automatically win for the variety of poo types alone.)

  18. It looks like she should be putting on a puppet show with marionettes or something. So much jerky hand movement.

  19. The only reason she needs is views/attention.

  20. This reads like it was written by a borderline neanderthal.

  21. LOL too true! Those are the talons of nightmares. At least the chicken grew them instead of having someone glue them on.

  22. She's using the 'Crypt Keeper with foundation' filter.

  23. I'd be very cautious. From what I've seen others on here report, "about to move to your town" is often really "still married."

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