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  1. Better than Nolan trilogy but lower than batfkeck’s version

  2. Initial reactions of the public audience would keaton is so cool as the batman

  3. from the trailer i dont see black adam using super speed, he just teleports to that spot.

  4. Honestly...meh. i wouldnt watch it on the first day.

  5. Yeah, I don't get why people are saying that Adam was making jokes. Like, at most, maybe the looks he gave when he was whacked with the pipe or watching the people roll up the car windows on him were kind of funny, but I that's more from reacting to Adam than him himself being funny.

  6. I was expecting in the veins of the first dc fandome teaser. I feel this is a rock movie wrapped inside a dc hero. not a black adam movie.

  7. after the DC Fandome tease, fans expected a dark and unhinged black adam but we got a 'superman who is mean and has rock humour'. IDK what to say about the trailer. I feel a bit confused and it left me feeling like Why though?

  8. But like, what's he got to do with this post?

  9. It’s the same rumor from some unknown source. Honestly I’d be pissed of Mera the character isn’t even mentioned or in the movie.

  10. ViewerAnon confirmed this so I think it is 70-30 reliable.

  11. Can someone explain to me which side still has 1 hour left and which side has 7 hours left?

  12. Heard's team has 1 hour and 15 mins and Depp's team has 7 hours left.

  13. Thanks, finally a decisive answer. That's going to be a mess for turds team once they run out.

  14. it's still going to be hit or miss for Depp's team. They still don't have that silver bullet. a final nail in the coffin. You can't trust the jury to be not biased.

  15. I mean it's been 3 years of a 5-year contract with no development, of course, they are frustrated. I'm not trying to sound like a Snyder fan or anything, but Snyder has at least 5 movies/series under his belt at Netflix.

  16. I'm not a Snyder fan either (I hav't even watched his Netflix stuff) but yeah he deserves credit for having delivered on his contract and seemingly made at least one movie (Army of the Dead) that got a lot of attention.

  17. I completely agree. Snyder's vision was divisive but at least he had a vision...

  18. My bold prediction is that they will scrap that idea altogether and make something new entirely.

  19. Like danny elfman once said superheros have only one theme and that's his theme.

  20. isn't this exact same comic page someone else posted and the mods removed?

  21. i understand all that. just saying when you look at ZS filmography you will barely seen actual sun light.

  22. They said the reactions were positive and that they aren’t erasing anything

  23. they aren't erasing anything. they are just making the snyderverse a separate universe. Not the main canon storyline.

  24. Removing until OP verifies with a link that the tweet is legit.

  25. I don't know if this is real or fake. Found this on my timeline. I Just thought it was funny.

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