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  1. Jason Momoa's monologue when he sits on the lasso of truth is one of the worst pieces of acting I've seen in a mainstream Hollywood movie. And I say that as someone who generally likes the guy.

  2. there was no test screening for the one saw the original cut. except for some execs and Joss whedon.

  3. That I dont think any random guy can builda suit that reduces friction to the point where you can run faster than light with it.

  4. you do know that he is a science whiz right? batfleck even talks about the way his suit is abrasion resistant, heat resistant. an unintelligent guy wouldn't know about this.

  5. Yeah but Barb isnt a science whiz. Shes other things but shes not very good on stuff like that

  6. she is the kid of commissioner Gordon. she literally has everything she needs at her disposal. ( from the police station that is)

  7. the lion, the witch, and the audacity of this bitch....

  8. Oh no an unpopular opinion…let’s see what others have to say.

  9. you know its a michael bay movie just by looking at the colour palette

  10. BVS made 872 million WW, what more do you need? this was dc's second outing as a connected universe. compared to MCU's second outing most would call it a success.

  11. The usual, wb ruined dceu but making questionable decisions.

  12. the common thing about both of these is GEOFF JOHNS

  13. This week in DC: chaos, pain, misery, finally what a mess.

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