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  1. Are you sure you tagged the right person? I don't remember purchasing that, and it's not in my Amazon orders.

  2. I submitted min again in December to update with fall grades and it took another 10 days

  3. I submitted mine in November, and it took 10 days

  4. If you have questions about the program, feel free to reach out. I’m one semester away from graduating

  5. The website said some people can do the 16 weeks that it's required to be on campus over summers but the application says you can't, so that's conflicting information. Do you know anything about that? It would be easier for me to do 2 summers of 8 weeks because I'm married and 16 weeks would be a long time to be away from my husband.

  6. Not all Californian's are homeowners. Many fled the state to get away from terrible things there whether they were homeowners or not. My husband was born and raised in California and was not a homeowner because houses there are terribly expensive and jobs are very lacking in number.If you do get a job, you are often underemployed . The younger generation has to leave because there are not jobs for them. The teenagers there can't even get a fast food job usually, because they are already taken by all the 20 somethings that can't get a better job. I was amazed when I moved back to my home state of Utah to see teens working fast food, as it wasn't common to see many people that young employed in CA.

  7. Alternatively, for the low low price of $25 /s you can buy a key fob from the campus store that does duo that you can use as a second device.

  8. This is what I did, because I always misplace my phone, forget to twke it with me, it isn't charged, etc. I hooked the ring on the keyfob to the keyring in my backpack, so I always have it on campus and it is easy for me to find, whether I have my phone or not.

  9. I've heard in general, prrograms that don't require the GRE are more difficult to get into than one's that don't. I'm sure programs that don't require it get many more applications than those that do. You might want to consider taking the GRE and applying to some programs that require it as well, in case you don't get admitted to the schools that don't require it.

  10. If a school doesn't require the GRE, they tend to be more difficult to get into.

  11. I used to buy a few items from Shein, but I won't any more because I have concerns about the safety of wearing their clothing. Toxic levels of lead have been found.

  12. According to the New York Times you don't have to have completed a degree to qualify.

  13. I received a pell grant, so I should be eligible for the $20,000 forgiveness. It will merely wipe out some (but not all) of my accrued interest and not even touch the prinicpal loan amount. It will make it so I owe less in taxes when I qualify for forgiveness after 13 more years of income based repayments.

  14. Mine talks about my "children," but I am infertile and unable to have any. I am now age 41, so I don't think it is ever going to happen. I also can't have IVF because it could cause a very small asymptomatic and benign brain tumor to grow.

  15. It's difficult to say because the price of things keeps rising 😪

  16. The amount of fee for a class can vary by instructor and what particular things they require for the course, so the difference may be due to which professor teaches it one semster vs. another

  17. It is very easy. My husband didn't even read the book before hand and he typically does not test well, struggles with multiple choice tests, and has a learning disability and got 100%. That's how easy it is. You could literally show up and get a manual and take the test having never read it. There is no time limit other than you have to finish before they close.

  18. We’re moving there too. I plan on having it on my phone or iPad and just key word searching for the answers

  19. I took it two years ago and this was my experience: they will not let you have a phone or tablet. You have to put everything under your chair except the paper version of the manual, and they check your manual to make sure you haven't written anything in it or have anything else in it. You are in direct sight of the employees while you are taking it.

  20. Keep in mind that when it snows the commute can become a lot longer. I once had a 1 hour commute that became close to 3 hours if it snowed much.

  21. I am gettIng a second bachelor's degree for this reason

  22. If the award is specifically for “top 10%,” then it is different than the Latin honors which all colleges within the university have. For whatever reason, Latin honors at the U are very restrictive. Summa is top 1%, Magna is top 3.5%, and cum laude is top 8%.

  23. The link for honors at graduation that someone posted above shows magna as 2.5% and I think it said 4.5% for cum laude.

  24. I don’t know if it is good because I’m not a student there, but there is Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Utah. It’s a school for all kinds of medical professionals. Their medical SLP program is newer and under pre-accreditation status though. They are pricey too, but they have lots of medical equipment and a cadaver lab, so that may be reasons for the extra cost, you may get experience you may not get elsewhere.

  25. Hey! If you can, go get your vitamin levels checked. I definitely have extreme drowsiness and exhaustion due to fibro and some other things including medication. But it’s gotten way worse recently. Turns out my vitamin b12 levels tanked causing all sorts of strange symptoms. It might not be fibro but the drowsiness could be an effect of vitamin deficiencies.

  26. I have had so many blood tests and had my vitamins and everything else checked so many times. I’ve even had it done recently. Everything comes back normal. According to my blood tests I am perfectly healthy. According to my body, I don’t feel good.

  27. I have the same problem. School is so difficult because I am so tired despite sleeping for many hours.

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