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  1. It was funny but they're ordering a cheeseburger and ranch cups but cant have a shake cuz they're lactose intolerant? At least make the skit consistent.

  2. Lol that guy was so bananas. There was also the lady that ate Powdered cleaner. That one. I just can't.

  3. The one where the lady likes to eat emory boards. Good god, man.

  4. Hi! Hey can I ask what you take rexulti for?

  5. I decided against taking it. I was considering joining a clinical trial to take it for PTSD and related depression

  6. Honestly, I think you did the right choice. Of course it's different for everyone, but I'm in a bad shape now and I think it's the Rexulti. Extremely anxious as I've never been, depressed and with suicidal ideation. Not worth it.

  7. I'm so sorry. Have you looked into edible cannabis and psilocybin cubensis mushrooms? I've been microdosing that instead of taking pharmies, together with therapy and healthy living, and the last four months have turned around completely. I hardly ever yearn to be dead anymore. Gonna take a lot more time I think, so it's not a quick fix but at least there are no awful side effects. My deepest and caring-est hugs to you. I hope you find your perfect prescription soon.

  8. My GGGrandfather was captured at Brices Crossroads in June of '64 and spent the rest of the war in Andersonville. He survived and had a good life afterward raising a family. I've been to the camp in recent years.. its stillness moved me to the core trying to imagine so much misery and death. I also saw the monument to Wirz in the was fittingly covered in bird crap.

  9. I've noticed how nature doesn't care about the horrors that men visit upon each other. She just keeps on naturing, in perfect non-resistance.

  10. Can anyone with more bankruptcy law experience than me explain? I thought you couldn't include previous judgements in your charge-off for bankruptcy?

  11. Same. I don't speak any other languages either which is also part of the reason.

  12. These are some questions I never ask irl anymore;

  13. It's a great idea, but aren't headrests very easily removable?

  14. The sort of conversations we used to have before you could Google stuff

  15. I grew up on the boundary of three blood sets in South LA in the 90s and the only people I ever met that could do that hand sign were white kids I met in college that grew up in the middle of nowhere lol

  16. Bahaha! I grew up on Cape Cod. We (sardonically) made an altered version of the 'blood' sign to make it say "Cod".

  17. Are you saying this is meant to bleach my asshole? I might need to get me some

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