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  1. After my first time backwards walking, I had fairly intense soreness for a little over a week, mostly in the calf and tibs. What you describe sounds similar. If it was your first time doing the program, I'd expect some initial soreness which tends to lessen as your body adapts to the routine. If you're not using the app, you may consider it so you can get your form coached to ensure you're not performing any exercises incorrectly.

  2. Correct. One thing that always trip me up is that if a food producing machine needs to consumer animal meat to create food, then we would probably consider it non vegan. But farmers typically do consume meat.

  3. Not to mention that many organic produce farmers add bloodmeal to the soil as a fertilizer, which is a byproduct of slaughterhouses.

  4. Just to add to this, the concern around processed foods usually deals with either toxicity (added harmful ingredients) or deficiency (removal of nutrients).

  5. You're right. Withdrawn. You had the quote right and I accused you of twisting it.

  6. The fact that you reflected on it and withdrew your earlier comment shows that your intentions are clearly in the right place.

  7. I work in hospitality and have had anxiety and depression for most of my adult life. I was also an incredibly shy child and didn't really get good at talking to people, especially ones I didn't know, until I started intentionally practicing as a teens. It is definately a learned skill and a muscel and less something people are inherntily gifted with. So good for you for practicing and getting yourself out there.

  8. This is such a thoughtful response, thank you so much for taking the time to write it. I'm excited to begin looking into these books, and I'll definitely be taking your advice to heart.

  9. I think you're right. It was plugged into a 2.0A charger so I tried to plug it into one with 3.0A output and it started charging up just fine. So I think the issue was the charger, thanks for the tip!

  10. The only other thing I can think of is to get a USB inline power meter that you can use to check the actual power draw at the charging port and the reader port to see how much actual power it's using. They're about $10-15 on Amazon but try the Ampere first since it's free.

  11. I think the issue was actually the charger. Looks like someone had swapped our 3.0A charger for one with only 2.0A output. I plugged it into a 3.0A charger and it started charging again just fine. I'll watch it for the next few days, but I think you were right about it being the charger.

  12. To bully a bully is to validate their strategy. As emotionally gratifying as it might seem, it just teaches them they need more power so they can continue bullying others without themselves getting bullied, not that they need to change. It also lowers you to their level and leaves you without any moral standing to criticize them. What bullies need to learn is that all their shitty tactics will backfire and they need to change — this is done through real accountability, which can come in a lot of different forms.

  13. She loves adding lemon to her alkaline water. Thereby neutralizing the basicity

  14. I've never understood this particular criticism about her. Everyone seems to say "Putting lemon in alkaline water neutralizes the basicity."

  15. So I have a question then (I'm not debating I am simply enjoying our discussion!).

  16. I hold a somewhat unpopular opinion on this, which is that all thoughts, words, and actions from any human at any time are indeed rooted in the search for either love (to feel good) or safety (to be free from pain).

  17. I like your thought process on it, but let me give you this thought. When it comes to murders, including senseless ones, I believe it falls back on relative morality. When anger is shown like in a senseless muder, I have noticed anger is usually used to correct an injustice. When someone wrongs you and they don't take responsibility for their crap, you get mad. I don't believe it is love to use anger to correct a subjective belief you may have. I mean now that I am typing this... Maybe out of your ego you would do it? Which is just corrupted self love?

  18. If there’s anything I believe less than Putin’s “promises”, it’s that Russia has mobile crematoriums that they’re using to incinerate their civilian populace with. I mean, 13K people? Does anyone really think Putin would want to go around incinerating the populace of his country if he has alternatives (like jail time, fines, or other less-extreme measures)?

  19. Has there been any proof of this so far? It came up on a random propaganda video some days ago but the original video was from 2011.

  20. your intuition is correct. questions are violent, they are demands*. just like asking people to repeat / rephrase is.

  21. A street giraffe version of that question for me is: "Do you know what I mean?". Do you know what I mean? ☺

  22. I also notice a lot of people intuitively use "Does that make any sense?" or end a statement with "…if that makes any sense?" to get the other person's take on something you just shared. I like it because it suggests you're not necessarily expecting the other person to share your view. I also tend to use "How's that for you to hear?" a lot.

  23. I understand apple using it, it has a ton of advantages and it’s compression is best. However, it used to be a thing that you could set the default format used when exporting an image. I believe that default should be JPG, and give the user an option to change it to HEIF/HEIC. I run into this all the time and it’s a lot of steps to convert the file.

  24. Yes definitely agree it's a waste of time and Apple should accept their default image format. Just wanted to make sure people were aware of the right-click shortcut as well, though I'm sure everybody here is already aware of it so probably goes without saying 😐

  25. After reading a bit more, it seems that the address where files are stored is shifted to accommodate the encryption checks at the beginning, so you may still have an issue since you can’t amend that in Time Machine.

  26. Ah, that actually makes sense. The weird thing about the backups on this old drive is that they have an unusual file storage scheme. When you first open the drive, there are two folders "files" with regular files and "Backups.backupdb" with my time machine backups.

  27. You can try to decrypt but I’m not really sure what happens. I would think it’s just a reversal of moving the file addresses again since you encrypted the entire drive and not each individual file.

  28. Thanks, I finally finished encrypting/decrypting it, which took several days. Unfortunately, the file/folder links are still in the same broken state even after decrypting and running First Aid.

  29. i felt compelled to "correct" your NVC by connecting the feeling directly to a universal need. you most certainly did not ask for such input so i hid it with a spoiler tag in case you did not want to be criticized (i'm sure i don't!).

  30. Thanks for sharing that. I like the need you mentioned and think it would also work well in this context.

  31. i loved hearing that. yeah, i like the idea of keeping it simple and keeping it street. i was worried that "i don't think it's helpful" might be heard as the judgment "you're not (being) helpful."

  32. You make a good point that this might be heard as judgement. This may be a reason to stick to the classical style of stating the need. Although, even perfect NVC can sometimes be misunderstood and interpreted as judgment, depending on the "ears" the other person is wearing.

  33. Not sure if this is helpful as an example, but one of my friends experienced a kind of similar phone scam on craigslist where the seller said "please send me the Google voice verification code to verify you're a real person."

  34. Not for Intel-based Macs. You can reset the password in recovery mode without any authentication, iCloud or otherwise, so long as the device has not been iCloud-locked. Here's a

  35. Yikes. I own an M1-based Air, which I reset recently, so didn't know about Intel's reset process. I actually use Touch ID to unlock my Vault, so I was quite scared 😂

  36. Ah, sorry to concern you! Yeah, this "resetpassword" method appears to be limited to Intel-based Macs without Filevault enabled. I hadn't realized that until after I posted and read a few comments, apologies for the confusion.

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