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  1. She got passed off thst they weren't helping her unload the package but instead just stood there filming her.

  2. Also, it’s not a recipients job to help unload the package. I would but only because I’d want to help and I see how large they are.

  3. I think the solution is that they should be two employees unloading the packages if it's a heavy load. Or at least have a heavy-duty trolley.

  4. We bout to do some puzzzzulin’

  5. I love the constructive answer, happy to work with you send me some business.

  6. That’s ok they can’t read

  7. that was before bathroom companies invented gender to sell more bathrooms, causing an unmendable rift in modern politics

  8. The 3 seashells shall reunite us

  9. When people aren't physically threatening you, you're not allowed to beat them with a deadly weapon.

  10. Texas has entered the chat.

  11. But the police don’t beat people! /S

  12. Maybe you should try turning on your wife again.

  13. Or turn your wife off and then back on again.

  14. Did you know they have a tiny penis inside that if cum goes down it, it can get to a egg and make a baby?!

  15. Oh Peter? Yeah he’s fine, he’s just really fat.

  16. Wait wait wait, hang on a second. Did you just say he was fat?!

  17. I’m not sure how to say this, Basinger…BAsinger?

  18. I actually used shows like that as motivation to work out and and eat better, Iv lost almost 80 pounds.

  19. You should update you name to weeks if you are so fit

  20. I can not imagine going through life this afraid of the world…

  21. Try running up on this guy and find out what it feels like /s

  22. There's nothing like Western Pennsylvania to make a person appreciate NH. Hell, even Lowell probably looks pretty good to you right now by comparison

  23. What a cool guy, he is telling you to leave him because he sucks.

  24. Took a long way took a long way to go

  25. Please provide a link to the program so people have a safe, official way to access the program.

  26. Damn, it’s getting really hard to call out of work.

  27. All it takes is a broken extractor and someone trusting the process of racking to clear the chamber. Of course it's still negligence on the handler's part but also a dangerous design flaw imho (especially because you need to break one of the rules to disassemble it).

  28. Have to pull the trigger to disassemble it?!

  29. Mirrors used to be lined with silver but no way that stops a bullet unless it's crazy thick. It's possible that it's backed with metal or it could be the wall it's against.

  30. Can of chickpeas and chopped cabbage in hot water = a bad cook. Adding pepperoni = insane.

  31. But it has all the spices and flavors in it, soups to bland if you don’t put in big handfuls of pepperoni /s

  32. How did the soup taste, tho?

  33. Rage bait, no one is this unclear about “is this wrong”

  34. Some people genuinely are, a lot of people don't see spanking as causing any harm

  35. bigclivedotcom - Turbo charging a 120v Presto hot dogger on 250v

  36. Hot Dogs aren’t that bad for you.

  37. There are a lot of loft units in Lowell that have high ceiling post and beam big windowed construction, but not all of them are in old 'mill buildings'. For example, the lofts in downtown around Merrimack, Middle, and the north side of Market street were originally office buildings. Canal Place on the south side of Market were originally mills. Some buildings are more centrally located and walkable than the larger mill buildings near the river. Some buildings have far fewer units than the mill buildings and have sidewalk level shops, restaurants, etc.. Some of the larger mill buildings are very isolated from sidewalk life. Check out the block where Athenian Corner Restaurant is located for a taste of 'sidewalk life' in Lowell (and visit the National Park orientation center across the street). The character of downtown Lowell varies from block to block, day of the week, and hour of the day, so pick your building carefully.

  38. This is a great answer, thanks for taking the time to be so detailed.

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