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  1. Who's that with Jimmy Carr in the last picture?

  2. She sells seas shells on the sea shore

  3. Oh thank Christ, I thought for a moment you said Limmy.

  4. Do you want a stargate? Because that's how you get a stargate.

  5. I didn't realise the Chinese President was in the country.

  6. I'm sure the 'petition' is as fraudulent as everything else Boris has 'achieved'

  7. Just brought two chairs for where I work, rated the same. Look at this mf,

  8. I've not delved into the available options but presumably you can ditch the tiddly caster wheels and fit caterpillar tracks?

  9. What would be the one after that? It would have to involve some form of "whoops! Nuclear Armageddon" and even then, it's only marginally worse.

  10. Keir Starmer - “Perhaps we should have more funding for public services Prime Minister?”

  11. Even then, hoping for a Tory that's prepared for a century we're already almost a quarter of the way through seems like a stretch target.

  12. Same here, I love the adaptive cruise, hit 20, tap the button, watch the queue build up behind. It is very thirsty though.

  13. Similar to what happens to a tin of biscuits bought into the office.

  14. Unfortunately the video cuts out before the rear trunk gets any use, there's just a close up of a car.

  15. Reminds me of when I dumped detergent into the suspended-ball fountain in Bracknell town centre.

  16. It's not about the cock in the fight, it's all about the fight in the cock.

  17. So because Bolsonaro is a git we just have to keep backing Boris? Until, presumably, he does whatever is the UK equivalent of burning the Amazon rain forest down.

  18. I was sure they overturned a lot of the EU standards on animal welfare? I remember something about them declaring a bunch of animals can’t feel pain, for example.

  19. Celebrating her 96th by cosplaying Voldemort, is she going to kill those unicorns?

  20. Hm. This rules out 'Cunt', 'Asshole', and the lesser known but still charming 'Cocksleeve'.

  21. It's the total faith in your co-driver that lets you point the car at the trees 3 feet to your left or right knowing that there's a corner coming up that you'll drift around without being able to see it. Bonkers.

  22. No thank you, we have Ksenia to take care of all that business, I gather the children are doing well.

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