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  1. My favorite part about her outfit is that she rewore is less than a year later to see Catherine’s gardens.

  2. The Obama brooch to meet Trump and “Recollections may vary” are my favorite examples of her Royal shade.

  3. She wore a gift from an American president to meet another American president. I wouldn't read into it.

  4. That’s called ballerina shape. It’s great when you want long nails but don’t want to hurt yourself on points or square edges. It’s my preference as well.

  5. I have long stiletto/almond. I have never once hurt myself. A skilled nail tech knows how to file points so they are not dangerous/ too sharp

  6. ✋I have hurt myself. No amount of skill in this world will stop me from being an uncoordinated idiot

  7. I don’t know. But I’m sure many of us grew up with imperfect parents and had decent childhoods.

  8. You didn’t say imperfect. You said narcissistic. By definition, a narcissistic parent is an unhealthy parent and imparts great psychological damage on their child/ren. I encourage you to learn or read more about parental narcissism before you make such profoundly inaccurate statements.

  9. Maybe you should be more realistic. Growing up in the Midwest doesn’t mean that your parents didn’t have problems. There's a strong case to be made that since the end of World War II, Americans have grown increasingly narcissistic on average – more entitled, with an inflated sense of self-importance.

  10. I know you’re trying to sound intelligent but it’s simply not working. Individualism is not the same construct as pathological narcissism and other cluster b disorders in the DSM. You seem on a personal rant and are having an entirely different conversation than the rest of the sub.

  11. That’s a hodge-podge of a little girl voice with an east coast almost Puerto Rican accent...

  12. Alec truly deserves this life lmao

  13. Ireland leaves the shadiest comments on TikToks about Alec and Hilaria. She clearly hates them both.

  14. Just make sure it’s a huge rug. Nothing cheapens a room like a “postage stamp” rug that isn’t large enough for the space.

  15. i just bought this one and love it so far! also bought the smoky pineapple ancho flavor, which is not as good and a bit disappointing in comparison to the habanero mango

  16. Good, right? I went ahead and bought all 4 flavors. So far, the mango habanero is the best!

  17. How sweet is it? I grabbed the sriracha powder the other day and it’s far too sweet to be a “hot” spice.

  18. I've seen too many injuries from kids riding in these or the bottom of carts. It's all fun and games until Suzy's hair gets wrapped around a wheel.

  19. I agree. This just seems dangerous and inconsiderate to others in an already congested store. She’s practically hanging off the end of the flatbed.

  20. He’s lost the plot. Why would he make a sexual innuendo about his wife and son. Omg.

  21. He’s entertaining but a bit much. He comes across as having an axe to grind. In one video he talked about not being bullying and toxic towards Harry and Meghan and five minutes later in the same video he was peddling tshirts and merch against them lol

  22. He's really the classic opportunist who would jump on any bandwagon, and focus his "expertise" on any public person to make money.

  23. Yeah. H&M are decidedly terrible but I think credibility is lost when you discuss them in a certain fashion.

  24. And they ask me “🇪🇸MAMI🇪🇸 what are they doing here?” I’m dead.

  25. I love her so much. Great content plus she responded to one of my emails once.

  26. Channel rich aunt vibes- no job no kids- just drink of your choice and watch the world burn.

  27. Alec announced that he considered suicide after the abusive phone call to his daughter was leaked. It got him sympathy back then, so he will likely do it again. He has some actual followers (unlike his wife) that already sympathize with him that he will try to manipulate further.

  28. It’s very typical for narcissists to use threats of suicide as a means of control.

  29. It’s interesting that she is feigning concern because it is so clear that she hates Alec. Her response to his interrogation room call tells you everything you need to know about how she regards him and the kind of emotional support she can offer him as a wife. Of course, they deserve each other.

  30. She doesn’t know how to fake concern. Her concerned look is actually coming off as extremely constipated

  31. That’s why she is so disturbing. She has no actual healthy human emotion. Otherwise, there’d be nothing to fake. She figures she’ll slap on an EMPATHY shirt and all will be okay.

  32. I absolutely love these contrived coffee runs. She’s out because she wants- nay, needs- to be seen. You don’t think she has a cappuccino machine at home or an assistant who could grab coffee? Attention is her fuel. Gross.

  33. Yeah he’s done a long list of shitty things and is always the victim.

  34. Well, I should clarify. Not in the sense that he will ever have any empathy but it forces him to take accountability. He’ll probably just make himself the victim though.

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