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  1. Doesn't wash what? The laundry? The dishes? Her coochie? If it's the latter, they should call her Pee Simone.

  2. She was referring to her entire body she doesn't shower that often.

  3. Ahhh just the friendly neighborhood black bear

  4. Tbf he's not obligated to go down on you, and unlike the majority of the people replying to you I'm not going to advise being petty, because that's just toxic.

  5. Your "bf" sounds like a grade A dick! This certainly not the norm and you should probably explore other options

  6. This isn't even much of a relationship. If someone monster participate in single activities then they should stay single 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. I personally don't like to do it, but I also wouldn't pressure someone into sleeping with me either

  8. Is that the only way that kind of outfit is made? Via clampse or button?

  9. They allow personal data only on Mondays. Think I should?

  10. Eh, why not? I'm sure you might receive a little flack, but data is data

  11. Looks like the same oven I have and just leaning on that thing turns on the fire.

  12. Used to work at a warehouse for Nyx cosmetics and they pretty much had very similar rules, but they also had a rule that everybody had to do this stretch session at the beginning of the day and if you refuse to participate in said stretch session you would be released promptly.

  13. We put the entire toilet seat down in my house. You have to close the lid to flush

  14. Unfortunately I have dealt with ladies who complain about that, because they sit down and don't notice they're sitting on a lid and begin to pee on themselves.

  15. Who tf would date this man? Does he shit standing up as well??? Cuz if the case here is that scenario then wouldn’t be put the seat up to piss, then back down to shit? lol wtf

  16. Blue car dude got out and watched. He wasn’t held up by the white car, he chose to ogle/provide rescue which was inevitably going to be needed.

  17. I guess some people haven't been to the Amazon store

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