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  1. Really puts lifetime mortgages into perspective

  2. This is how horror movies start out

  3. You could be part of that horror movie for $11k

  4. This is what I imagine happens when they inject the cure

  5. Is this a major problem or is more like aesthetic procedure?

  6. It is usually harmless but always good to get the opinion of a medical professional.

  7. There are other variations that look silver and also others that are metallic green

  8. The beetle is usually found in rainforests and it is believed that the metallic look is to camouflage as water as the beetles are primarily found at ground level.

  9. A boomslang (translation, a tree snake) catches its prey by climbing a tree, waiting for a passing small animal and drops down and quickly inject highly potent venom that imobilises the prey. I have one occasionally coming into my garden and catches mice and moles.

  10. That sounds terrifying. To think a snake can jump on my head from a tree is straight up nightmare fuel.

  11. So, who else started scratching themselves while watching this?

  12. Do they expect to find someone or is this a cry for help?

  13. This man right here is a hero, absolutely a selfless act.

  14. He has something in his hand. Does not matter what it is. Officers feared for their lives.

  15. Feared for their lives while hiding behind bullet proof cars, wearing bullet proof clothes surrounded by colleagues with guns all pointed at one door?

  16. OP do you know this is the adaptation of a

  17. Ok so I would like to thank OP for posting this. I had this on GameCube and loved it but for some reason I could not remember the name of this game. Prolly bc I’m in my 40s and age is catching up to me. Thanks again OP.

  18. No problem dude, I had this game in storage for the last 3 years and only just sorted through my stuff and found my old Xbox games. Truly a masterpiece we’ll never experience again.

  19. I wonder what maintaining means. I could see wading up to it to take care of it. But how?

  20. Not sure either, I tried looking at some sources but they all just say the garden is closed during winter for maintenance. I assume it’s to fill in some patches, remove foliage and branches etc.

  21. I helped maintain moss gardens in Maine near Acadia National Park. I can verify that maintenance mostly involves removing leaves and sticks that fall from above. There is a lot of stuff that falls.

  22. Both look good bro! Personally I prefer short hair.

  23. The camera man was recording without consent... Security sat an watched the whole ordeal and waited for it to escalate, then put the victim in cuffs.

  24. You can see shortly after the cops “arrested” the main prankster they just let him go.

  25. Someone pretends to steal your luggage at the airport, you defend yourself, get arrested and miss your flight…

  26. I wonder if this is why people get sea sick? All the liquid in your body must be vibrating like this too right

  27. Yes it’s permanent but it won’t prevent more spider veins from appearing.

  28. I can imagine. I’ll have to Google it now.

  29. Agreed. If you have enough confidence or at least fake, so many doors will open in your life.

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