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  1. They are just friends. Stop hating on everything. They can have normal friends banter every now and then.

  2. Maybe he was happy to see someone he has known since they were teenagers. Has to be strange for Nick to go to these Ambani events over the years and see western celebrities that he has known for years being paid to be there. Even with today 's excitement over Zendaya and Tom Holland, Nick has known Zendaya since he was a child because of Disney and he wrote one of the songs on her album. Nick was also in a movie with Tom Holland and invited Tom to Joe and Sophie Turner's engagement party because they were filming it during that time.

  3. Every other indian family has a white aunty some relative married who dresses like this

  4. It’s quite evident now, he can’t stand her 😜 doormat hi pagal hai uske liye.. piche piche karti rehti hai hamesha 1% bhi self respect nhi ..Looks like maydum ka ek tarfa pyaar.

  5. What's Depp been up to since lifting lyrics to his last album from more talented musicians?

  6. No hope for this chipika and her mother too tbh she was also eating non veg on her bday …dont remember if it was Navratri day or not .

  7. Avneet is insta obsessed and i feel she has no real life. Bag, clothes, travel, food and erotic posts.

  8. It’s just so sad because she used to be this sweet innocent girl on Dance India Dance kids junior and then Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa! Tiktok really ruined some kids

  9. Yes after giving poison threat, she was sure glowing with love

  10. I can’t stand John Mayer but he wasn’t wrong when he said “Jennifer Aniston is still hoping the world goes back to 1998”

  11. She is almost in every YRF movie, is she dating Aditya Chopra or something!?

  12. He’s been liking her pictures since 2018-19 ( so has she) and I must say he likes her posts a lot more than anyone else he follows. Still a little creepy since Ananya was like 20 then.

  13. Nasty ass comment. You better not also be shitting on plastic surgery then if you make such rancid comments.

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