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  1. It's probably the unfit guys not wanting to date "muscular" women because they feel emasculated by them

  2. Nah bro I’m out of shape as fuck and I want muscle women to step on me

  3. The mistborn series has a horrible system. For someone who has talked a lot about magic systems anda whatnot, he made one that is absolutely confusing and annoying to read. For example, a character was going to steal something from a castle. The way he describes and narrates how the character was moving around and later attacking enemies with magic was extremely off-putting and annoying to read. Push, pull, push pull, drink, sense, push, pull. Urgh, nope, can't make it past these parts, sorry, don't care how good the series may be. At least for me, it was tiresome and a bother to read because it completely breaks the flow of the narrative.

  4. It doesn’t break the flow of the narrative at all. That’s like saying it breaks the flow of a narrative to describe how a nomagical character manages to break into a building using what skills and tools they have available. It’s just that in the instance you describe, the magic system is an additional tool to break in.

  5. I loved it. I think it’s a dynamic that works very well and I would like to see it in more adaptations (although I’m totally down for other ships involving these characters as well).

  6. The most important element of that scene imo is not a linguistic situation with the word “man”. The fact is, the “no man will kill him” line dropped by Glorfindel was not a statement that no man could kill him. It was a statement that no man would. He saw the Witch King’s fate: that a Hobbit and a woman would kill him. The Witch King, in his hubris, believed himself unkillable because of Glorfindel’s proclamation. It’s based on Macbeth

  7. Also wasn't he only weak enough for Eowyn to kill him because of Pippin's Merry's dagger, or am I misremembering?

  8. Merry’s dagger, but yes that is correct. It was a weapon of the men who fought the Witch King back in the days of Angmar, specifically enchanted to be able to battle him.

  9. I am male as well so I can’t tell you much myself, but I can say that Merphy Napier said that the protagonist of Brandon’s book Skyward is the most relatable teenage female character that she has ever read in a book, including books written by women

  10. Another interesting question to point out: what's the current population of the United States?

  11. Around 340-350 million or so. And it’s crazy because the number cited here is likely much smaller than the total amount going around since there are vast quantities of unregistered firearms and such

  12. thats 2018 numbers, 448,412,228 NICS checks as of Feb 28th 2023, source from the FBI

  13. Not to mention disease ravaging the Americas for centuries, causing one of the deadliest losses of life due to disease in human history. I mean, obviously that’s not necessarily intentional on the part of Europeans back in the day, but it is still a very important part of the story that needs to be mentioned.

  14. I lived the same day twice. I was pretty sick that day and so normally I would chalk it up to hallucinations, except when I repeated the day I had text messages for later in that day from my dad and friends saying hey sorry you're sick. I wasn't sick the previous day, so I'm not sure how that even happened. I'll forever be convinced I time travelled.

  15. I don’t believe in time travel or anything like that, but I find your experience interesting because I have experienced something kinda similar. When I was a teenager I stayed up all night one night texting my then gf. I fell asleep around 3-4 AM, woke up at some point, and had a whole day. An entire normal day. However, when I went to sleep that night, I woke up the next morning and it was actually the same morning. I looked at my texts, and the late night texting I previously mentioned ended around 1 AM rather than 3. In short, I dreamed staying up later than I really did, fell asleep in the dream, woke up, and had a whole day. The reason I say this is similar to your experience is because some people believe in multiverse type stuff, so potentially under a concept like that these two experiences could be of a similar source. Personally, I chalk my experience up to a very strange, intricate, and vivid dream that just so happened to be realistic enough for me not to realize it was a dream. For your experience though, I really have no ideas

  16. He's got a god for a dad and a human for a mom. That's a demigod just like Hercules. Christians just use mumbo jumbo to make it sound different

  17. That’s now how it works. The Christian conception of God is not like a Greek god, for example. Christians do not claim God came down in human form- or bull or dove form for that matter- and have physical sex with a human woman, thus creating a being like Hercules or something. The entire point is that Jesus is completely human and completely God, not half human and half god. The capital “G” versus lower case is important, as is the basic concept of Jesus being entirely human but also entirely divine.

  18. Demigod? Such blasphemy. Jesus is true God and true man.

  19. Yeah it always bothers me when people use the term demigod for Jesus, and I’m not even a Christian of any kind. Calling Jesus a demigod is just intentionally misunderstanding the terminology in a silly attempt to undermine Christianity for no real reason

  20. “Lying is so evil that if you so much as say something exists that I don’t believe exists, then you are a follower of Satan. Also, it you try to take my gun I will shoot and kill you.”

  21. How could less people be confident against a grizzly bear than an elephant? I mean, you’re fucked either way, but grizzly bears are bitches compared to some other brown bears out there, and an elephant literally can’t be harmed by a human being with serious weaponry being involved

  22. "The Aztecs were savages who performed human sacrifices"

  23. This is a false equivalency to be honest. Mass institutionalized human sacrifice taking place constantly as a means of keeping the people one rules over battered down enough to never have the strength to rebel is significantly worse than the occasional problematic religious upheaval. In no way am I defending or downplaying England’s history, as it is filled with much of the most despicable things humans have ever conceived of doing to each other, but the specific comparison you are making is silly in my opinion.

  24. The Iroquois are certainly a fascinating group with some badass history. Huge shoutout to the government of their confederacy influencing the founding fathers and the way the US constitution ended up. Rome, Greece, and John Locke get a lot of well-earned credit for their influences on the laws of the US, but the Iroquois are an underrated influencer as well.

  25. Days? There is a timeskip at the end of season one that has to be at least a few months

  26. Pillars of Eternity 1 & 2. Preeeeetty sure. Been a while since I played it though so don't quote me on it

  27. 1 features at least Matt, Liam, and Sam. 2 features Ashley as the narrator, Matt reprising major roles from the first, Liam as a companion character, Travis as a crew member, and I know everyone else is in the second one as well. Created characters can also have the voices of Vix Machina plus Gilmore as well

  28. This is awesome. Fascinating to get such a look into the Tolkiens

  29. Does this really count as satire. Nothing about the tweet comes off as satirical unless you happen to know who the person in the photos is?

  30. Lost on 99.9% of the internet. Zzzz

  31. Have you never interacted with Internet satire before? It is pretty common to be primarily targeted at a very niche in-group

  32. “Celebrate your losses” lmao. This made me imagine someone like “damn, earth was conquered and enslaved by aliens, but at least the aliens won. I’m happy for them.”

  33. Now I want a wizard with a rural british accent, like cockney or brummie. Give me a wizard mumbling like Ozzy Osbourne!

  34. Amazing map! I’ve always really loved your work.

  35. Shippers require literally nothing to ship characters. Although, I think Kal and Leshwi forming a closer (completely platonic) bond through their mutual respect and similar values and honor would be fun

  36. The federal government needs to stomp down hard on this bullshit, “states rights” be damned

  37. There can be no middle way in dealing with Michael Knowled. Michael Knowles must be eradicated from public life entirely

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