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  1. It's because Canada for the most part is better for working class and lower middle class people whereas America is better for the upper class. Basically both countries have problems, it's just that they are for the opposite socioeconomic class. I don't care what Canadians and Americans say about their countries. But as a person who has knowledge of both and is currently living in one of them, my take is that while both nations are currently good to live in, but they are stagnating (maybe even declining) and both have problems but just for the opposite side.

  2. I actually romances Ashley this time around and it was a good romance, but my Shepard was still thinking about clappin blue cheeks

  3. Ashley is an all around underrated character. Don't get me wrong, their are better character and romance options but she is still a great character that doesn't see the love they deserve.

  4. I care that much about the average people who's job is made harder cause of idiots like those in the video.

  5. Awesome. Its great when people make the job even harder than it is.

  6. Hey, but its for the lols. So who cares if these guys make underpaid employees shift even harder...

  7. Probably an independent but British aligned Indian confederacy, like what Tecumseh (a Shawnee pan-Indianist leader) tried to establish during the war of 1812

  8. I doubt a independent Indian nation would have survived in this timeline. There still would have been British settlers going in and even if at first they the settling had been illegal, the British government would have sided with the settlers.

  9. The British forbid settlement west of the Apalachees and that was one of the reasons for the American Revolution. The whole point of backing the confederacy was an allied buffer state between them and the Yanks, it's extremely plausible they would've sided with the natives. Perhaps they would've become a protectorate, yes, but I really doubt they would've gone to war with their native allies just for some extra lebensraum (which they cared about much less than the Yanks did)

  10. But why would the British Empire had not have tried to absorb the natives in this time line like they did in our own timeline on multiple continents?

  11. They did (and it was the Social party, no less). No official cap limit from what I remember but the goal was to not have more than 30% extraneous elements. Also lots of measures to ensure as much diversity (diversity here in the sense of actually having foreigners living next to Danes) as possible in urban areas and schools to avoid communautarism to form isolated from Danish society. Learning Danish was also made mandatory.

  12. I remember the highest comment on the rnews post was "Sweden will criticize it and than put in a worse version 10 years from now". Turns out it didn't take Sweden 10 years...

  13. During the peak of the pandemic we were closing at 7, two hours after home depot and sales did not suffer. We could easily close at 9pm year round and it would not affect sales. Lobby your local governments to put in ordinances that stores cannot be open past a certain time. New Jersey has portions that do not allow Sunday sales and those stores are still making bank.

  14. Hard disagree. If stores want to be open at those times and there are employees willing to work them (I know plenty of people at my store that LOVE to work those late shifts) than the government should by no means force them to close.

  15. The problem with that is what about cases where terrorist attacks are committed against a tyrannical government. For Example, if Uyghurs were to bomb a Chinese government building. The act would of course be lawful, China is committing genocide against them after all. But there is no war. So if we can't use the word "terrorism" because that can only be done when the act is unlawful, what do we call that act of lawful terror?

  16. Who gets to decide what is and isn't lawful than? Bombing that building might be "unlawful" under Chinese government but said act can be perfectly legal under Uyghur law.

  17. I’m just saying that OP is worried about the department supervisor. But unionizing won’t help them. I’m pro union.

  18. Since Department Supervisors are still hourly, wouldn't they be just as protected in a union as us lowly part time and full timers?

  19. Personally I think he was just a really good human being, he showed love to everyone and gave help whenever he could.

  20. It wasn’t “hundred of years later” that people started saying he was the Son of God. He himself claimed that to thousands of people. He had hundreds of followers who preached that he claimed to be the Son of God and that he rose from the dead.

  21. Jesus loves all. The meek, the sinners, the rich, the poor, the gays, the wicked. No exceptions.

  22. Skip the for-profit site and go straight to the source:

  23. Do people actually say Americans should learn Spanish to help immigrants assimilate_ Because that doesnt sound helpful at all

  24. They don’t take power from the Hoover Dam. The vast majority of the Hoover Dam’s power goes to Phenix and LA. The billionaires that run Vegas made sure the city will have water and power without the Hover Dam cause they saw the writing on the wall. As others have said, Vegas will be the last South West city to go without or power.

  25. Too lazy to look it up and I am sure others want to know. Where do they get their water and power?

  26. Their water does come from the dam but they heavily recycle it. Every city in the world could learn from Las Vegas. So while they will have problems if the reservoir goes completely dry but once it’s so low that no one else draws from it Vegas drawing from it won’t lower it more. Most of their electricity comes from coal and natural gas.

  27. I am not as convinced as you are on US + Allies stopping a blockade. Sure if it happens right now, but as Climate Change continues to get worse, the West may simply be too preoccupied to deal with a blockade in East Asia.

  28. The fans provide an incentive to not get involved since they are more important to the West than they are to China. China can survive on the cheep chips they make, the West can not survive without the high end chips Taiwan makes. China can threaten to destroy every chip factory in Taiwan if we get involved. Which is exactly why we need to spend the hundreds of billions needed to get the high end chips built in the US.

  29. I would love to hear an explanation from Congressman Thompson on why he would support marriage for his son and his son’s groom but not support marriage for other people who are gay.

  30. Oh my god. That is so dark 😰 but it makes me wonder what a Mass Effect 3 - Joker Protagonist story would look like

  31. My head canon is that TIM was inspired by Shepard's sacrifice and chooses not to use the collector bass at all which prevents him from being indoctrinated. TIM uses what Cerberus learned from the Lazarus Project to heal Joker and turn him into a super soldier. Joker now must unite the Galaxy against the Reapers.

  32. Pretty sure Dr Chloe Michel is French, not Russian. Happy to be corrected if there's something suggesting otherwise though.

  33. Honestly, I’m terrible at placing accents so she may very well be French lol

  34. Kai Leng would have been a much better character if he’d been a companion in ME2 (or at least a significant non-companion character). For me, the most jarring aspect of him was just the constant feeling of “sorry, who the fuck are you?” Every time he appeared.

  35. This is why I always thought Miranda should have played the Kai Leng part. Would have made their story much more interesting. Could have always been an arch where you can try and save Miranda from indoctrination.

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