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  1. They will be making a movie about it, starring will smith as himmy buckets

  2. Often you’re allowed to text or browse the internet but not stream (without ponying up)! Still though….

  3. Delta offers free wifi. Even if it didn't $15 is nothing for Bill, and he could probably classify it as a business expense anyway. It would be kind of funny if he tried to do that for the entire trip. The body language doctor can't diagnose from his couch, he needs to be there in person!

  4. Have you given the Slim a shot? They aren't that much different. I'm actually retiring all of my Skinny ABC/Commissions for Slim.

  5. It's actually not considering they are 40 percent off for a huge portion of the year. I consider 40 percent off to be the base price at br.

  6. No this changed a couple years ago. They only run 40% off three times a year-black friday and 2 friends and family sales

  7. As an engineer, I can assure you, I see my gf naked every single day.

  8. This was the plot of the movie "In Time". Interesting concept, the issue is that time moves constantly, so you're perennially spending it at the rate of 1 sec/sec

  9. Yes, it was. But in the movie that would increase your life. Today, that's not the case. Other people are profiting off of your labour. How do you feel about it?

  10. I’ll assume that’s rhetorical, as I have a job others do not profit off of

  11. Sounded like bill didn’t even remember him working at grant land lol

  12. Oldboy, I watched the first half through the hallway fight scene, thought "what

  13. People said this about heat literally every round. Even if you don't think they'll win, idk how you can even say that out loud. Wait, you're a lakers fan...yeah that makes sense

  14. Someone lmk if the nance segment is worth listening to, otherwise I'm skipping it

  15. Feel like GOT had a bad influence on TWD. TWD tried to do the GOT thing where they split characters off into different stories and different groups were followed ep to ep. But that just wasn't how the comics was done (they pretty much all stayed together the entire duration). And whenever TWD strayed from the comics it was bad. And it ended up straying a lot due to irl issues related to cast.

  16. Are you guys able to play the podcast? It seems like my play button is not working

  17. I listen to almost all of his shows and have never noticed. Even then, is like one or two seconds of ambient noise that big of a deal?

  18. He’s said he’s washed on the pod before. He knows exactly how he can make another first million if he went bankrupt and needs to but that the amount of work it would take is insane. But he’s evolved in what he wants to do and how he wants to live his life, which is natural. I don’t like the “what have you done recently” narrative btw, no one ever says this about Olympic athletes

  19. Yeah I think Bill was making fun of Perk because Brown was the obvious choice even then.

  20. Maybe if bill didn’t have an entire serious podcast segment around it

  21. The modern American blockbuster has such a natural bathroom break: the 2nd act action scene that's mainly disposable to the plot, but needed because the script rule: "we need an action scene in the middle of the movie."

  22. who goes to an action movie and wants to skip an action scene...

  23. I still remember there was a pod Haralabob was on a few months ago and Bill proposed one of his complicated same game parlays involving multiple players and Bob was just like what are you talking about just bet the spread or the O/U.

  24. the best part was when haralabob said that parlays are never a good idea lol

  25. Funny because she’s said multiple times she doesn’t drink anytime but water

  26. Let’s talk about how the serial killer calls an unknown accomplice to find dirt on Luther, and the very next morning Luther ends up in prison, with minimal explanation as to what he did to even end up there. I was 20 minutes in before I also googled the plot holes lol. Maybe things will add up more if I can force myself through this?

  27. Did everyone that is agreeing with this just not watch season 5...?

  28. What phase are we talking about, because many “1st quarters” have been interrupted by “just so you know I’m on my period” and then you say wait what and call the game

  29. That tail end of the 3rd when things start getting really heated and you think "damn this is gonna be a great 4th quarter finish"

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