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  1. The owner (who bartends occasionally) of the Zig Zag Cafe in Seattle, my favorite bar anywhere, quit drinking something around a decade ago. He still slings drinks-- and has enough experience with flavors to know how to create new things without tasting. If you get that knowledge and you're taking a straw taste, I think you'll be solid. Your coworkers, at least the few who aren't joking, can go suck an egg. Seriously.

  2. Never trust a bartender that don’t drink bitch - Kanye

  3. The real recipe isn't in debate at all. We know who invented it, how and why, and what he put in it. We also know modern substitutes... for all but the original rum. That is where there are arguments, over what subs properly.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to read the full post and answer thoughtfully.

  5. Glad to (try to) help. It's a truly great drink, which I've seen stated transcends the tiki world into the general realm of classic cocktails. I agree on funky rum (I like the Doctor Bird in this), and definitely Giffard or Small Hand Foods orgeat unless you're making your own.

  6. Both were acquired secopnd-hand from friends last year when we had the heat wave, so I have no warranty on either.

  7. I’m not suggesting using the warranty which was probably only a year long anyway.

  8. I think these are each several years old. And I may have to buy a used one, new may not be in the budget at the moment.

  9. Neat to see this! There are a few aperitivos still using cochineal.

  10. The Commons is always on the verge of being a dead mall. It keeps trying to revitalize itself, but never really gets all the way.

  11. I'd only call bartending school a red flag if it's the only thing on the resume, or if there's very little experience besides.

  12. Could u post a pic Hahaha I'm not sure which ones are semicircle

  13. By that they mean ones where the cup is shaped like half a sphere.

  14. As long as they understand the cost, it's their order.

  15. One of my bartenders likes to pour “surprise gin” shots. We normally shoot Mezcal. I once got him with a surprise gin shot and he agreed when you aren’t ready it’s offensive. When you know you’re shooting warm gin it’s okay.

  16. That's what I'd do if I found out another bartender at the same bar poured people neat gin (or another dick move in a glass) as retribution for the admittedly-problematic people who say "surprise me." Just tell people that others who ask for a custom drink with no direction typically don't care for the result. Don't be a dick to them, try to educate them. If that doesn't work, just make a Manhattan.

  17. I give him the benefit of the doubt

  18. What has Bannon done to deserve anything like that?

  19. Evidence is in the film 2000 mules. Seems like that could be happening here.

  20. "2000 Mules" has been extremely thoroughly picked to pieces by countless experts. But the claaim goes, anyone who disagrees is in on it or stupid. Edit: Even Grant Stinchfield dumped D'Souza.

  21. I'm sure it's not pretty, whatever it is. The reality is softening the curriculum isn't the right way to address inequality.

  22. Damn, yet another reason to be annoyed by the navy and their dumb loud planes, didn't realize they were also interfering with local websites, that's crazy.

  23. It's a new account, parodying the "The Blue Angels ruin EVERYTHING with their unwanted presence!!!" stuff that floods this sub every August.

  24. In-N-Out is overrated garbage. People only like it because Instagram has told them to like it, when in reality it's just bad burgers. Dick's on the other hand, is a local community staple, providing drunk sustenance for generations of Seattleites while employing our citizens at decent wages with further career and growth support. Dick's Deluxe is INFINITELY better than a double-double. Dick's shakes are better than In-N-Out. Dick's Fries are the best in the country.

  25. I genuinely enjoy In-N-Out. And Dick's. And Five Guys. They're not fancy, but they're good. I like Whataburger when I'm in Texas, and both White Castle and Krystal, too. I'm sorry you hate them so deeply.

  26. Sadly, with the closer of Pike St. Fish Fry, I know of nowhere in Seattle doing this. That shop took over the space from one that served only those fries. Now it's a Bok A Bok.

  27. It's a place people tend to either like or despise. And one of the ways the latter type expresses their hatred is by posting on this sub as though it's manna-from-Heaven, "cranked up to 11" as they say. I suspect that's how they see anyone saying it's good.

  28. Yes. Mary = tomato, Caesar = Clamato. The latter is much more popular in Canada than in the USA; why, I don't know. Both are good to me.

  29. I have no idea. I suppose they're tricky because too much Violette can be overpowering, and how much you need depends on brand. If the drink is purple, there's too much. I think it's a wonderful classic. If I want a cocktail as an appetite-whetter before dinner, this is a good choice.

  30. I don’t think the menu is good. I just think that other guy comes off as pretentious.

  31. Jesus can you believe that the meathead barney fife idiot Culp got any votes at all? Jesus Christ

  32. I'm sure his neck of the woods has some nutty Trumpies.

  33. you know I was just over in Eastern Washington for a weekend and I didn't see any Trump signs anymore there's one left over Trump 20/20 by cle elum but all the other ones are gone. I realize it's a big state but it was pretty telling to me that Trump has lost a lot of support and it's really just down the sewer rats

  34. They can, but in that case, they usually want you to start as a barback. I don't think many places will hire someone who's never done any bartending at all as a bartender.

  35. it's such a lazy take to say all the restaurants near Pike Place are bad. Some are very good. Sure, you often pay a premium for the location, but that doesn't make the food bad.

  36. Oh yes, it's much better now, but stick to the airport location.

  37. Idk where you are but it’s not that uncommon where I am, ethically shady but what are you gonna do come in the next morning and say ‘hi yes I was here last night, a girl with hair and a blurry face sold me 14 vodka sodas but I couldn’t taste any booze in the last 3’

  38. It's just a shitty thing to do. Just because others do it, just because they might not complain, don't be that guy.

  39. why are all these people who have bad experiences not writing yelp reviews as such.

  40. Yelp specifically has a tendency to put your business' bad reviews on the front page, or "hide" them, depending on whether you buy ads on their site.

  41. No one said anything about the homeless. We are talking about the release of violent repeat offenders and the history of Western Washington to release, over and over again, violent, dangerous criminals over the last 30 to 40 years.

  42. It's not just Washington. Recall that Reagan ended the hellholes that were the State Mental Institutions and replaced them with... nothing. The USA just has horrible-quality mental health treatment.

  43. That is absolutly a giant, glaring part of the problem on whole. They kept releasing Dodd for "therapy" but half the time, there were no resources for him. Not that he cared about therapy. He requested death because of how broken he was.

  44. Right. I just want to make it clear that Washington isn't the issue, the USA is.

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