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  1. Holy smokes, can't wait. We are actively using this at work and it's amazing. For 11 months searching for "hudu alternative / open source", but nothing comes close except for vault Warden.

  2. Is it me or does this look like snipe-it some what.

  3. Do you have SSO integration with keycloak or authentik or something similar. If so, got guides how you did it?

  4. Great job. It's not easy to build something like this, but what's the advantage over Jellyfin.

  5. How difficult will it be to create a asset request form + multiple manager approval workflow with this?

  6. These scums are going around almost all crypto sub reddits and positing the same shit.

  7. Lenovo m900 tiny with 32 gb of ram / m.2 sata iii drive.

  8. I was looking for this too and sorry to tell you that something free isn't available at this moment unfortunately..

  9. Don't know if it is resource intensive but it sure feels slow even as the only user.

  10. Same dude. On a freaking HPE DL385 with EYPC 128 cores / 256 gigs of ram for fun. Shit was running slow until I had to change some parameters in config file. It made it some what better.

  11. Do you happen to have step my step guide? I there are plenty available online, but for some reason I feel like its incomplete or too basic.

  12. This is relevant to Radix because currently 22% of total delegated stake is on Hetzner nodes. That can be checked on StakeSafe's dashboard:

  13. How difficult is it to host one at home? I got gig up/down and few beefy servers. What criteria you must meet to be on top 100?

  14. The key here is awareness of Cerberus. The more projects that use it, the more likely it is to be the right solution. Scrypto is the differentiator from the developer acquisition side, so in my opinion we really shouldn’t care much if others us Cerberus. If anything they will harden it and find any issues that Radix needs to fix.

  15. So...if it's being used by competitior and which gives radix edge over other platform, how is this exactly bullish again? It's even worse if competitors launch mainnet faster than radix team with smart contracts. Maybe I am missing something.

  16. It's known for long time. Twins and the owner of ftx all invested into couple other projects and prefers listing those vs ada. Nothing new, just three phaggots

  17. is donationware, free for commercial use. You create a code and send it and a download link to your customer with instructions to select "install" option, not "run."

  18. According to discord this claim is invalid and there is no evidence to substantiate it. Haven’t look much deeper than checking Discord though.


  20. This is amazing, just reading these comments from 13 years ago. This post should be added preserved forever!

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