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  1. I don't have poor reasoning skills but you do. You say:

  2. With just a small ounce of deductive reasoning, the implication is "if he's anything like me".

  3. Not the point. The point is he may not be fine and your having had an easy ride is no guarantee or basis for reassurance.

  4. It's absolutely the point. So, I ask again, given everything we know, do you think he'll be fine? Or are you here in a thread aiming to help an agoraphobe only to cause trouble?

  5. Lol prove a negative huh? Ok show me evidence you aren't a donkey fucking pedophile.

  6. I would like to petition the moderators of this subreddit to make this that guys flair

  7. No, there is no way to do that within Reddit's terms of service.

  8. Just a heads up folks, whatever you think you might be prepared for, you are not. Don't click on user's profile.

  9. I want all power up features turned on.

  10. When you start removing posts and comments glorifying drugs, I'll believe you.

  11. Pretty sure it's universally understood that your sub glorifies and encourages drug use.

  12. You should see their "trip report" posts. One literally says at the top "tldr; Do Drugs"

  13. So to confirm, it is absolutely possible for users to have their usernames changed, contrary to what Reddit admins have previously told users who requested this?

  14. If it helps, I went from a very active mod of a big sub to just off reddit pretty much all of a sudden, for years. Then I came back. So there's a very good chance nothing is wrong, or at least, nothing like "they died" is wrong. For me it was unrelated-to-reddit personal stuff, combined with anxiety about returning due to disappearing so suddenly lol.

  15. It is something we've considered, and we certainly can't rule it out. As long as they are ok, then that's what matters

  16. Understood. In this case, maybe? In general, I would be disinclined due to the negatives it opens up. Regardless, I hope the best for your friend (which is why I initially spoke up about their privacy).

  17. Thanks, and while we may disagree on the specifics, thank you for your best wishes for him.


  19. How is chemist 108.9? Do they mean someone who dispenses drugs at the pharmacy?

  20. I tried that. It's a hidden link and I could not get automod to key on the text. I have been keying on the link domain - but as soon as I block one, they change it to another..

  21. Why not!? If you're already slacking of by browsing reddit then reading text about drugs is not what you should be worried about

  22. "meth+dabs is my absolute favourite high" flaired with "I❤️Drugs"...

  23. Reddit is probably having a moment, happens about once every week so i wouldn't panic, give it a bit and it will work itself out

  24. Then just like in the real world I'll have to bypass sanctions imposed by American company by using another American company as a proxy between Russia and the rest of the world. Kind of funny... and ironic.

  25. I've got some reddit mod experience and i've been around this sub a long time, though I mostly posted from a now deleted alt. I usually chimed in with help on recipes, making butter and general edible queries. If you want I can verify the other account, as I remember you and I spoke on that account more than once.

  26. I deleted my main because I got quite involved in some anxiety/depression subs and being a giving person I found myself embroiled in quite distressing situations with people. I had good intentions but it got to be quite a lot reading peoples personal issues, to the point I felt the healthiest thing to do was move on from it.

  27. At the time of replying, this thread had 6 replies, of which only 3 were visible. I thought it would be worth mentioning only given the content of the thread itself.

  28. "6 Comments" and yet I only see 3 (one of which is automod). hmm

  29. AEO bot needs to be replaced with actual people, perhaps who are assigned to a couple hundred subreddits within their expertise so that they can correctly grasp the context of comments, and local dogwhistles.

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