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Video from inside Oxford High School, where multiple people were shot today, of students trying to figure out if the man outside is police or the shooter

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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Please Don’t Elect Dr. Oz—He’s a Disgrace to Our Profession

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  1. I can't get over how people think the only doctors a medical?

  2. Medical doctors took the term from other doctorates, not the other way around. His wife is the pretend doctor in this. It's literally Latin for "teacher."

  3. Why would you buy a teenager a gun... Especially one who plays with explosives and posts this on the internet!? How completely negligent can you be as parents?!

  4. I could understand a rifle if the family regularly does hunting, which isn't uncommon in Michigan but this was a pistol. Absolutely no reason for a teenager to have a pistol.

  5. As I remember he was never been crucified according to Islam , was never been a god according to Judaism and was never been born according to to Atheist. So it's really confusing

  6. Michigan also never executed anyone since it became a state.

  7. You really don't want to be broadcasting that.

  8. Meh. I suffer from high anxiety which gets triggered pretty easily. Probably healthier for me to not watch Michigan football in general, tbh.

  9. I feel that bro! I hope you enjoyed the fuck out of the highlights and post game analysis tho

  10. Yeah I watched way too many highlights lol. Only wish I had recorded the game.

  11. Everyone knows it's Butters!

  12. McDonalds coffee isn’t all that bad.

  13. Doesn't McDonalds now use the same supplier Timmies did when they were known to have really good coffee?

  14. That first TD catch me made in the 2nd quarter was crazy

  15. I feel really bad for the medical staff that did whatever they could to try to save this kids life. It's often forgotten during these things how much that has to weigh on them mentally.

  16. Not that there's ever a good time for this type of tragedy to happen but this is one of the worst times.

  17. Dude looks like Korean Markiplier with his Squid Game haircut.

  18. TIL he's half Korean. Lmao guess that's why I thought they looked somewhat similar.

  19. I have an Oculus Quest 2 and one of the features is this thing called pass-through mode, which when you tap the side of the device the external cameras let you see your surroundings in this black and white landscape. So you can see around you without taking the headset off. I had this on, and looked at my phone and was so confused when I saw this little thing flashing at me on the top of the screen. My paranoid brain for a second thought...omg apple IS watching us!?!?! Then my rational side went....oh that's the face ID thing scanning to try and unlock my phone.

  20. I have a Rift S which also has that mode. I've also got a robot vacuum which uses a spinning Lidar for mapping and navigation which uses infrared. Was really cool seeing how the spinning beam went through the house with pass through mode.

  21. In exchange for a win in football, Michigan transfered their basketball school status to OSU.

  22. A small price to pay for salvation.

  23. I work at a school; the same school my child attends. I asked her what the red flag was in this video - she said, “He said bro.”

  24. Even if the cops don't have a master key they would either had an admin with them who has a key or have gotten a key from said admin.

  25. Smart kids!!! Most police won’t say “bro” in a time like, and would mostly likely slide their badge under the door.

  26. Police would either have their own master keys or be with an admin who has them.

  27. In 2016 someone on Reddit wrote something like, " Ben Carson is one of the few people who can perform surgery on your brain and save your life. Ben Carson also believes the earth is 5000 years old." Lol

  28. Carson also believes the pyramids were used as grain storage.

  29. The US flag doesn't just represent history. Nice try communist scum.

  30. how do employees view memos like these? to me, it sounds like i better find a new job. cuz either im gonna be overworked next year to meet demanding deadlines or company goes bankrupt

  31. Even more overworked. Tesla and SpaceX are notorious for having an extremely shitty work-life balance and high burnout.

  32. Columbine, media contagion effect, copycats, overall degrading quality of life, financial insecurity, rising political instability, etc.

  33. Lack of proper mental care and the general stigma around seeking it is also probably a huge contributor.


  35. My understanding is that most clubs are open to all three campuses, there just isn't a ton of interest in commuting for clubs. I did meet one Dearborn person on a club fall break trip recently.

  36. As someone who did a commute of 100+ miles a day each fall for 5 years for marching band I can confirm that the commute is long.

  37. This is honestly the bloodiest Monday I’ve seen yet and I’m very happy that my coach is an alumnus because this Brian Kelly leaving a blue blood news would have me terrified

  38. Especially because minus incentives Harbaugh is currently the 2nd lowest paid coach in the conference.

  39. Imagine a Cincinnati vs Notre Dame first round playoff game

  40. Much like the president in the Army-Navy game, Fickell will coach Cinci for the first half then cross the field and coach ND for the second half.

  41. Dude don’t bother. Bunch of bootlicking commies here

  42. I've been having some pretty good fun since Saturday.

  43. Michigan running over Ohio State completely broke the Fucking simulation.

  44. You sure about that? Day's the first coach we've won against in a while.

  45. 2011 is kind of a special case with tattoogate and him being an interim coach.

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