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Not the beautiful Florida view anyone imagined! Courtesy of hurricane Ian.

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  1. What’s the gold fleck by her eye? And is that a very white was of gum in her mouth?

  2. Is it me or does the driver seem annoyed with her? The way he does his hand at the end….

  3. I imagine that driver is someone who works with them regularly and knows she didn't just give birth to the baby. Otherwise wouldn't you lift a stroller into a vehicle for a woman who gave birth 2 weeks ago??

  4. This is my thought. What man let’s a woman who just gave birth he-lift a big stroller into an SUV - like he knows she didn’t give birth and is totally fit and heavy.

  5. Posting this again for visibility… (I hadnt seen it until yesterday!!) Big Larry’s long, amazing disappearing lock of hair!!

  6. I can totally see if this was a passion project of his wife’s that he would want to see it finished. Given the choice of moving past (as well as one can) and having a final project of her work completed under his charge vs ongoing fighting and legal battles may likely be the healthiest thing for her family. Only they know what will bring them as much peace and closure as possible and it’s not for anyone else to judge. We should just be thankful we aren’t in his shoes to know how he truly feels.

  7. I literally gasped out loud when I saw this photo. That poor baby’s neck!

  8. Part of a mental status exam is asking the patient their birthday. Just saying.

  9. I think it was so much prettier before with the fireplace and the navy furniture / walls.

  10. She’s so high that she hits her self in the face with her hand. Really hope a nanny is standing by.

  11. Was she that vain that she saw these pics and thought “I’m never getting pregnant again”. These are the only pics of her that I have seen that I like. She looks healthy

  12. I agree. It’s sad because she looks healthy and I think very pretty in these photos. It’s like she saw them and decided to never get pregnant again. I think she looks beautiful in the black/brown long dress postpartum pictures.

  13. I don’t think she knows what being present means. It sure is shit isn’t standing in a hallway preening for photos & composing Instagram posts.

  14. My heart goes out to new mothers seeing this who think this is in any way realistic and an attainable goal.

  15. Just went through Ian, two minutes from Sanibel. Please tell me why windows these are!!!

  16. How did your home fare? Hope you all are well & your house is ok. I have great memories of going to Sanibel with my family as a kid.

  17. I’m so scared of what’s in that water. I’d be waiting for an alligator and some huge snakes to swim by.

  18. Ok guys, if this is not marketing, I'm down on reading that Soul of a New Machine book. If it was indeed marketing, this was fucking brilliant. This is a very exciting rabbit hole.

  19. Exactly. She’s not just uttering Spanish words; she’s posting them.

  20. I’m not going to apologize for teaching my children a second language!!”

  21. I feel like the kids are going to start taking Spanish classes in junior high and realize very quickly they have been speaking it incorrectly for years because of Mami.

  22. If they do therapeutic riding there for physical therapy or Equine Assisted Psychotherapy they can totally be tax write offs. I am a therapist and the psychologist and I used horses in therapy even twenty years ago and it’s only gotten more popular.

  23. I don’t know why she ever messed with her face. She was very cute to begin with.

  24. She looked lost. Really odd and not what I would have expected to see.

  25. That’s sad. If she really was pregnant maybe it’s postpartum depression. Or maybe she’s been told this is the last one and it’s hit her, especially if she gets self worth from being pregnant.

  26. No I mean Hillary is being completely silent. At no point does she say “Big Ed, give that back to Caillou and share”. No. She just films their distress.

  27. This is heartbreaking to me. How cold do you have to be just to stand by and watch this happen without intervening? How lacking in insight as to what is truly happening to label this as she has and post it like it’s cute?

  28. Imagine standing there videoing this and posting it like it’s cute. Poor ML.

  29. I can see a kid hearing that and repeating it. By that age they are learning that money makes the world go round and it may be better than Legos.

  30. I don’t understand how staff at Latina magazine (and other similarly Spanish publications / journalists) & other true Spanish people she spoke to didn’t catch right away that she was fake.

  31. Ahhh, thanks. All I could think of was this was notification that they were expecting #8.

  32. I’m surprised she’s posting photos so soon after a nose job. It takes a long time for the swelling to go down and…. Well I’m glad there was no social media back in the day when I had mine. Of course I wouldn’t have posted pictures of myself either.

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