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  1. Still blows my mind that these people use an acrostic poem, a form of poetry often done by kindergartners, as an actual justification for not getting vaccinated against COVID.

  2. When did the rabid hatred for the media begin in the US? I mean specifically the phrase “Mainstream Media” used as an insult. Was it just as recent as trumps election?

  3. It’s been building for a while. Republicans don’t like it when non RW sources report the truth about them, so they attempt to smear them as being a bunch of dishonest liberal shills. Trump took is to the next level with his whole “fake news” attacks that his base lapped up with a spoon.

  4. I’m death chance is 0.09 from Covid so thanks for spreading misinformation

  5. What? It sounds like you’re trying to speak English, but are too stupid to use it correctly.

  6. So since English isn’t my native tongue you attack me on that . Pretty xenophobic of you

  7. Since you are full of crap anyway, I’m not going to lose much sleep over it.

  8. That is Stxvxn Crxwdxr. You kept it so simple it made you look like a fucking moron.

  9. Jeez..Why so cranky? Did you wake up on the wrong side of your mom’s bed this morning?

  10. The second to last image, has 94 laughing emojis, lol

  11. Those weren’t to her initial post, they were to a response where some choad said she was smart to not take an experimental “vaccine”

  12. Somehow I don’t think that while 2 Pac was bleeding out from multiple bullet wounds he was thinking “Well, at least I’m going out like a man!”

  13. At least had enough sense to use the appropriate background for “I feel like shit today.”

  14. Applebee’s is only for fine dining occasions, for everyday face-stuffing the answer is Denny’s or Waffle House.

  15. Prayers - 0% efficacy for 847k people and counting… 🤷‍♂️

  16. It defies description how these dipshits loudly proclaim how they’re in favor of students to be able to more easily contract COVID in the name of being “pro-smile.”

  17. It really is only a matter of time before one of these nuts goes and shoots up a COVID ward as “justice” for them “killing” their loved one by not giving them invermectin or some other such bullshit.

  18. So apparently giving the finger to COVID doesn’t do anything to intimidate it. I’ll be sure to add that one to the medical journal.

  19. As though the only two choices are unvaxxed life or vaxxed fear.

  20. Not being able to go to Golden Corral and stuff their fat faces whenever they want is their primary definition of “fear.”

  21. "Passed away peacefully". Oh I'm sure

  22. There are few deaths less peaceful than having your lungs systematically destroyed.

  23. It’s a proud declaration from a group that loves to calm themselves lions, and everyone else a bunch of brainless sheep, that they’ll obey orders without question.

  24. Those people: “Y’all are a bunch of ignorant sheep who obey without question. It’s time for us independent thinking lions to step up and take charge.”

  25. Same old story. They always think they’re so wise and defiant with their rambling posts that “prove” how vaccines are totally a hoax/ineffective/government conspiracy to control us.

  26. Oh she passed away within 24 hours after I posted that horrifying update. I think someone else put it up here.

  27. I’m going to stroke out from schadenfreude after reading this one.

  28. Oh now it isn’t a joke. Now they feel dumb. Not when over 800,000 other people died. Just when it affected them.

  29. That last slide is a perfect example of why the right’s whole COVID’s 99.88677874336546433%, or whatever, survival rate claim is such bullshit, even if it was accurate, which it is isn’t. This guy may not die of COVID, but clearly it’s serious enough that he had to close his business until he recovers, which is going to be a huge financial hit for his family.

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