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  1. Amazing shot. Also, the spiders in my yard need to step up their mosquito catching game.

  2. I love when it comes on. I like to put myself in the headspace of people hearing it for the first time - changes the appreciation of it. Also - it’s a fucking jam.

  3. Worth considering - if you don’t know if you can afford the flight out, how do you plan to cover tuition? It was expensive in my day, and from what I understand, it’s doubled since the early 2000s.

  4. RAM MAN!!!! Sorry, no helpful comments, but super excited to see a Ram Man in the wild.

  5. Do we need to do this fantasy make believe shit?

  6. If you’re curious about creating images with this look, Erik Almas has some great tutorials. He’s also a really nice dude.

  7. Church brah. Only time ive seen that here, in philly its common at all times.

  8. You won't walk alone or take public transportation at night? I don't want to criticize you, but this does not sound normal typical or rational to me.

  9. How great for you that this isn’t your experience. But for lots of women, these are real everyday considerations we need to take that are often the difference between life and death. Awesome that it doesn’t apply to you - because of that, why don’t you sit this one out.

  10. Excuse me while I pick up my eyes that rolled across the room. You are the one discounting other folks experiences, but go off. Enjoy the weekend. ✌🏼

  11. It snowed in Pasadena a couple of years ago. Real snow coverage-not just flakes.

  12. My son was born that day! We were checking into the Huntington when it started. All of the nurses excitedly ran outside yelling, “it’s snowing!!!”

  13. That was my dream career when I was 20. Then I met JLo team who yelled at me for bringing them wrong Starbucks drinks (cause American Starbucks peach tea and European are completely different drinks), made me do their smelly 10 day old laundry, look for a blank “thank you” card and $1000 champagne at 1am in the middle of nowhere…. I realized it’s not for me no matter how much they pay (in my case it was 0).

  14. I got fired from an Usher music video because I brought the ‘wrong’ Starbucks drink to his vanity girls. Only job I was ever fired from.

  15. As a Brazilian that has lived in the US, I can give an interesting point of view. iPhones are extremely expensive for a regular Brazilian person. Brazilians used to travel to the US to buy iPhones of how expensive they were here. Then, you have the price of the charger by itself that is insane expensive. In the US an iPhone is about 1x the minimum wage monthly salary. In Brazil it’s 7x or more the minimum wage monthly salary. The charger by itself corresponds to 1/4 of the minimum wage monthly salary in Brazil. Yes, iPhones are for the rich, but everyone wants them. The extra price for charges, beyond everything, forces people to use cheap charges that damage their expensive phones. Having said all that, you just can’t compare the purchasing power the US or EU has with Brazil reality. This is one of the reasons apple has to do something different in Brazil. It’s just crazy expensive, also it does go against Brazilian law (for other consumer laws reasons. Basically you have to sell everything needed for a device to minimally work). Also, Brazil can do more fines/blocks, initially they are trying to come to a somewhat peaceful solution…

  16. I’m really glad this is the top comment (right now). People from the US don’t realize how expensive Apple products are in Brazil. The mark up is insane. Whenever we travel there to see family, we are always bringing watches, laptops, etc. because it is literally 1/6 of the price.

  17. Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of social media and since it is a hobby, I want it to stay fun. I am totally ok with not selling anything. I do have to do a post for the event on my Facebook though.

  18. You don’t need social media - that’s such a cop out. You are going in person to show your work in your community with the possibility of making a sale. I think that’s friggen’ awesome. The first few times I went out, I sold nothing but learned a ton about what to change moving forward!! Good luck!

  19. The book Atomic Habits has been helping me completely rewire my brain. I know you said money is tight - If you need help, I’ll gladly send you a copy via Amazon. (I’m personally listening to it on Audible)

  20. Honestly - I wouldn’t NOT hire you for either set, but I personally think the coloring on set 2 is really heavy. I prefer the openness of light on images in series 1.

  21. La Canada Flintridge sitting in their Porsche out front waiting for the non-existent valet to come.

  22. We can avoid running dishwashers and other power-hungry appliances during late afternoon/early evening when the grid is under the most stress. It’s a small thing, but it does help a little bit.

  23. Not sure why you were downvoted for this comment… it’s accurate. We should avoid those things from 4-9pm. Run the dishwasher when you are off to bed. Do laundry then hang out to dry. Small things add up.

  24. I’m trying to be that mom for my kids… we are starting early but with age appropriate content. If they have questions though, I answer. My favorite convo was using a public restroom with my littles while I was on my period… “is that coming out of your BUTT?” No. “Are you peeing it out?” …okay kids, pull up a chair.

  25. We’re trying - we put the AC to 78 after 5 and keep the blinds pulled, we bought an old school dryer rack to hang clothes outside vs. using the dryer indoors, and we run the dishwasher usually at 11pm… but the other day when it was 108 at 9pm… well, it was real rough to not adjust the AC into the 70s. I feel like normal folks are doing their best.

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