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I'm *trying* to date and I encounter this constantly. WHY is it such a big deal that I choose not to drink alcohol??

I'm in this with you.

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  1. Probably a new location, that’s all. The hype will settle. Good cookies - large - and they change their flavors weekly. High in calorie count though.

  2. One would think that… but there’s plenty of folks who pay no mind to the calories in what they’re eating.

  3. I mean… it’s not a competition. Just let her know to wait a week to post after yours goes up.

  4. This weirdly feels like NYC but the streets are empty

  5. Which campground it was and if the campground had records of the campsite from the month the pics were taken.

  6. Love this - have you tried it in a high contrast black and white?? It’ll look insane.

  7. I don’t know who I’m supposed to be siding with in this video, or if I am supposed to side at all… it just leaves me feeling sad.

  8. RIP the Food Basket - they had the best sandwiches and hoagies in South Jersey and shaved the lunch meat.

  9. Ha. I’ve never been asked, but if someone would, I’d either proceed to start rambling off their full discography OR go full Jersey on their asses and tell them to stop being such a gatekeeping fucking nerd.

  10. I did this once to my partner’s cast iron. I grew up poor and had no idea. He taught me how to take care of it and why, and it was never a problem again.

  11. Initially I just restricted my diet by 600 calories for the first 3 months, and only walked on the treadmill 3 times a week. Then In the last 2 months I’m down to a 700 calorie deficit and workout 6 times a week!

  12. The book Atomic Habits by James Clear really changed my ways. Highly recommend!

  13. My husband's family all live in Brazil still, and it's extremely common down there. You leave them at the entrance then walk up and down the beach without having to carry them. It's kind of great.

  14. I can never move back while my kids are school aged because there are too many fucked up people in the state that I don’t want my kids interacting with.

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