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  1. I used to prefer AEW, but things to my mind started falling apart. They have a lot of guys who are masters of telling great stories, but are hobbled by trying to be the 'workrate' company, and having a glut of wrestlers with no personality. Not helped either by far too many titles, and an approach to booking which seems to cool off guys and embroil them in months long feuds that are just a chore to get through.

  2. I know its unlikely, but PLEASE do some house shows eventually here too! Do one down at Eden Project! BIO DOME!!!

  3. This was great! I sometimes feel silly that like 50% of my pro wrestling fandom has to do with video packages/entrances. But man when they’re done right, it just adds so much to a match/event.

  4. No need to feel silly at all! The hype videos are a huge part of wrestling and the way they tell the stories. Wrestling when you think about it is such a combination of different factors, from legitimate feats of athleticism and sports to elements that wouldn't be out of place in the movies or at the theatre. Every part is important in it's own way, you know?

  5. Absolutely nothing with Raiden in any way, shape, or form. No skins, no rewards, nothing.

  6. I don't know why they'd change Eva being sexualized, when it served a narrative purpose, considering she was playing Big Boss the whole time. And why would they change Volgin being bisexual? I'm a gay guy, and I don't find it offensive. Because he's a villain? Yeah, he's a bad guy, but not because he's bi. Him beating up his sexual partners for kicks, torturing BB, using a nuke, I think they're all probably bigger signs of his poor character!

  7. Have you been living under a rock tho? Nowadays you can’t show the stuff that they showed back in 2004. Even Quiet in 2015 got flack.

  8. Yeah, Quiet got flack. And what did they do? Ignored it. Released the game. Made a shit ton of money. These outrage merchants are more impotent than you think. Especially in the face of something like MGS, which is always going to make money hand over fist.

  9. Watch 8mm. It has some elements of Manhunt you'll notice if you pay attention

  10. Oh, I've never seen that movie, I'll have to check it out!

  11. Sam and Sebastain are the sexiest guys in the game! When I first played, I went right for Sam as a marriage candidate. I love how the game has a nice collection of different looking guys, and has some prettier men alongside the more grizzled dudes.

  12. Snake's beautiful MGS2 speech. It's simultaneously eulogising Solidus, trying to encourage Raiden and trying to impart some deeper meaning to the player about what they just experienced. It's one of the most beautiful moments in gaming, and all the more poignant for being released in the wake of 9/11. The final shot, lingering on the Statue of Liberty, makes me feel...sad? Hopeful? It's genuinely hard to explain.

  13. There's a lot I don't like about ECW, but they were masters of doing a whole lot with very little, and making everyone feel unique.

  14. Mix the gameplay of V, with the structured story-based world of the PS2 games and you'd have something truly special. If they could find a way to do everything V did right, whilst making it less of a disordered sandbox, that would be ideal.

  15. Out of those I've played? The 2D games were the hardest to enjoy, they felt sluggish and they very much plunge you right into the action, with little help to find your footing.

  16. That Goodfellas skit is so brilliant, holy shit. Gave me the same vibes as the MJF/Jericho dinner segment, because I was just smiling like an idiot watching it.

  17. There goes my CM Punk vs. Double J fantasy booking (unironically.)

  18. All joking aside, I bet their styles would actually mesh really well. Punk's a bit flashier, but at heart his matches are pretty traditional and story-based, just like Double J's.

  19. If only Sting vs Okada could happen, this would be a great line.

  20. Holy shit, you're right. I never even considered that!

  21. I get the feeling that if Sandow returned, he's get the Grandmaster Sexay pop.

  22. If 26 years of watching pro wrestling has taught me anything it’s that if there’s money to be made guys will smash whatever beef they have to make it

  23. One of the cardinal rules of wrestling is that damn near anything can happen. There was a long stretch of time where people thought guys like Bruno or Bret Hart would never mend fences with WWE, but it happened. It's a crazy business, and the idea of Punk coming back - even with the meltdown and fight - honestly isn't that far fetched.

  24. I loved Right to Censor. Looking back, I wish he'd been given a mid-card title run during that gimmick, so the whole stable had a belt. He would have made a good European champion back then.

  25. He doesn't seem to be having any trouble sleeping...

  26. Of course not! That friendly ghost is making sure no one disturbs him!

  27. that video real? John D. Rockerfeller over here apparently has money to burn if he's happy trashing a perfectly good TV. Hopefully it's just a comedy skit.

  28. The video hyping up the Buried Alive match between Taker and Mankind is my favourite of all time. The music really captures just how epic their rivalry was and how it had really become a blood feud by that point.

  29. 'Can I use old proverbs to pay for coffee at Starbucks?'

  30. Was it ever explained what this whole segment was about? Was it meant to be like this? Shane looked completely lost out there.

  31. I wonder how much a promoter needs to lead in that kind of way, considering how ruthless the wrestling business is. It's filled with politics and gigantic egos, and to a certain extent I imagine that in such an environment you kind of have to kick a few asses from time to time to keep things rolling.

  32. I wonder when the AEW game is coming out? I've been really looking forward to it, but their coverage of the game has been..patchy.

  33. They’re in a lawsuit over the name “fight forever” with GCW.

  34. Well, that's annoying. Especially as 'Fight Forever' is just such a bad name for the game to begin with.

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