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[Postgame Thread] Utah Defeats USC 47-24

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  1. Man can we stop? TCU isn’t getting dropped.

  2. Bama isn’t making the final 4. Can we please stop pretending that they will?

  3. I have full confidence that Duggan will score in the next play. Dude isn’t letting TCU lose.

  4. Guys TCU is still out with a loss. Overtime or not.

  5. Jesus there’s been a lot bad takes today. this is one of the worst. Bama isn’t getting in the playoffs. A positive from the game is being crowned big champs.

  6. The committee (based on SEC slurping) will look at what TCU did today and could very well drop them below Bama with a loss here. You know this. But, regardless, we are basically locked in to #2.

  7. They aren’t putting a 2 loss Bama team in over a one loss OSU/TCU team. Sec bias is why Bama/Tennessee are ranked ahead of PSU, who has the “best” losses, but sec bias isn’t enough to leapfrog a one loss team.

  8. Can we please stop with these, or at least make a mega thread?

  9. Lol it wasn’t the “biggest ratings ever.” The 2006 game had 21 m viewers.

  10. Might be the biggest win win trade in NFL history. If you tell both teams exactly how it would play out, they still accept the trade in a heartbeat.

  11. I think buffalo would do it again. Diggs helped Josh Allen develop and turn into who he is today. As great as JJ is, he didn’t have the football knowledge that diggs had when they made that trade. Diggs and Allen just have a connection that is out of this world, and I don’t know if that could be said if it was Jefferson/allen

  12. What’s up with the doomsday scenarios recently?

  13. God Michigan fans are reeling at the fact that The Game was just playing for playoff seeding LMAAAOOO

  14. We beat your ass once and we’ll do it again

  15. If Hunter leaves (and I’m absolutely biased) it goes against the entire reason he supposedly recommitted from FSU, which iirc was encouraged by Deion as trying to bring back HBCUs to athletic prominence. And if he transfers I can’t blame him for following the GOAT CB and his HC, but holy cow it’ll just reinforce the lip service that whole thing was

  16. We all knew it was slip service from the start

  17. Congrats to Travis hunter and every single notable player on becoming a Colorado buffalo

  18. He was never a “snub” bc he was never the best player in CFB, but damnit I wish denard won a heisman

  19. Why not just get the ball to him on jet sweeps and bubble screens?

  20. I absolutely hate usc but I hope they win.

  21. That sentence somehow got weirder and weirder as it went on

  22. Wtf was 71 doing. He saw the dude chasing mac and didn’t even try to get in his way

  23. That’s really surprising. I would’ve thought Tony would’ve come over with KB. Kb spoke highly of him and it seemed like he had a contract with Kyle and not Toyota/JGR. Joe is really trying to give Ty some consistency I guess, same spotter/CC as his last two years.

  24. Letting your captain play the rest of the season after being caught illegally carrying a gun is “running a tight ship”? What?

  25. Hes had two scandals involving players during his tenure. 2 out of at least 1000 players.

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