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  1. The Coil Gun's video was a bit misleading too, sadly. Still one of my favorites, and I'm sure the new grenades will be properly tweaked.

  2. This grenade is the only one I'm excited about, and Coil Gun is the only gun I use from that update, the others lack in the ammo department too much for me to enjoy them (as do many weapons in this game, RIP smart gun, you had so much potential)

  3. Dash and grabber break perk (forgot name), I literally use those on everyone, Dash is too good not to use and grabber break for me is a must have because when i get grabbed, watching someone walking around, completely ignoring me struggling about and then me dying just frustrates me lol

  4. As an enthusiast photographer, I can, without a doubt tell you this picture is fake. The shutter speed was slow, so slow that it didn't close fast enough to not blur the overall image, yet you're telling me it captured a mosquito THAT sharp, wings included, the same wings beating ~500 times per second, if the shutter closed that fast to capture the wings, then this picture would be just black as the shutter wouldn't have had enough time to capture sufficient light, unless the poor photoshopper tried replicating a very high ISO settings (camera's sensitivity to light) by adding a ton of fake grain.

  5. They've already done it with with cards in the past, the 5700XT was supposed to compete with the 2060S, they're at the same price point anyway, but instead the 5700XT trades blows with the 2070S, which is amazing for the price of the 5700XT.

  6. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of input latency if you think locking your framerate to 57 FPS minimizes it.

  7. I minimise screen tearing with it without needing vsync or gsync, usually locking fps 2-4 below the limit of the monitor does this without the need of vsync or any other latency inducing system.

  8. You only need to do that if your system isn’t capable of producing a consistent 60 FPS.

  9. The difference from 60 fps to 120 fps is 8ms of frame that, that's 8ms of delay playing at 60 fps over 120 fps, meanwhile vsync can add up to 50ms in input delay... Ya thanks but i'll just lower my fps by 2-4 frames instead of turning on vsync

  10. Lol does the seat go any further up? I don’t know if she’s close enough!

  11. It's a bit close but not that close, with your hands at 10:10 your elbow should be at a 35-45 degree angle, that's where you have maximum control, look at rally drivers.

  12. Even if there was NO pay to win in Torchlight Infinite, the game is horrible. It is getting all this hype because it borrows the name of the franchise but it is not 1/1000th of the game that Diablo Immortal is.

  13. The build diversity is insane in Infinite, diablo has none basically compared to it, Path of Exile has build diversity but you can't get to the fun of it until late game. In infinite if you want to play as a summoner you can from lvl 1. With my commander I haven't attacked once personally in 75 levels, I just summon minions and they do the dirty work while I run around collecting loot, actual fun gameplay unlike diablo or even grindy Path or Exile.

  14. I agree with that. That is not the problem. The problem is the game. It has a great build system implemented in a small boring game. Imagina that build diversity in a REAL torchlight game. That would be awesome! But Torchlight Infinite is no torchlight. Is a very small, limited and disappointing game. I know some people will like it. But I was expecting something much much better. I dont even mind about P2W if the game is good. But it isnt.

  15. Ya it feels kinda short, but the end-game is pretty decent if you ask me, grindy but fun mostly thanks to the build diversity

  16. The customization and gameplay is actually really fun, they have a VERY solid game on their hands, but if they don't remove pay2win from it, it's gonna die very fast.

  17. What part of the most recent DLC do you think took last gen consoles from running GTAO perfectly fine to running it like this, instantly, in a matter of minutes (the time it took to download the DLC)? Do you think they added higher resolution textures? More NPCs? What, exactly?

  18. Even a minor tweak to AI responsiveness and actions is enough to murder those ancient consoles. There's a reason why Cyberpunk 2077 was a disaster, and that reason was them releasing it on old gen hardware. They had to cut out SO much content just to make it run, like proper cops, the sky ambulance system, metros, etc. And it still runs like shit because they tried doing the impossible, CDPR shot themselves in the foot.

  19. I wouldn’t call it conspiracy, we all know rockstar loves their money, and there’s no way this update we got did all that with all its shiny new content in the form of quality of life changes and a nice couple missions

  20. They have nothing to gain by shoving away old gen players, literally lowers the player base and removes potential customers, why the FUCK would they want that?

  21. Asea, because it looks like a Dacia Logan, nothing like winning online races beating fast cars in a Dacia lol

  22. Ukraine and pretty much the whole of East EU needs its own regional pricing, when we have salaries a quarter of those that people in West EU have, but still need to pay what West EU pays, it sucks.

  23. Arent the big Peaks of players at 3 pm est when the europeans are playing ?

  24. Ya peak is at 8-9 PM GMT, that's when most Europeans and Americans combined are playing

  25. Yeah, that is starting at 2am to 4am in europe depending on the country. This is not happening

  26. Ya best hour is 9 PM GMT, that's how you get Europe and US, especially since EU is the biggest gaming market currently so most likely most players are from there, followed by US (games like Evolve anyway, other games are way more popular in Asia)

  27. That actually looks badass, i hope we can keep it lol

  28. Spamming right trigger, it harpoons and immediately drops it. You should try it, it's so satisfying

  29. The button that you use to shoot the harpoon. Just spam it

  30. Ohhhhhhh the loot drops on the deck I get it, i thought it drops in the water so I manually picked it up, good to know, thanks lol

  31. Same idiots that got Caustic nerfed? "LOOK HOW OP HE IS, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO AGAINST THIS WTF?" while he pushes a fortified building with a Caustic + Wattson in ring 1, he can easily avoid said building and go elsewhere, but nope the peabrains can't think, and for some reason devs listen to them.

  32. Wow so they really did listen to all the crybaby “pros” about the gold knockdown. This won’t keep me away from the game but they’re on the path to it.

  33. Well you should have seen that coming after they butchered Caustic and never gave him any buffs since, instead they make wider POIs, open areas, remove narrow places so that the only places Caustic is even "good" (if you can call it that) no longer in exist.

  34. I can’t believe this but …. This is a good patch notes? This is an odd turn of events.

  35. They're removing fun from the game indirect nerfs to Caustic and Pathfinder due to map changes again, removing fun self res clutches, wingman ammo harder to find (don't really like wingman but many do), etc

  36. To be honest after the blue screen (first I had on this PC in 3 years), Apex unassigned all my keybindings, steam didn't show icons of stuff, I thought I might have a faulty SSD, corrupt files or what not, I was mostly curious if others had the same issue

  37. "Hey steam, what are they playing?"

  38. Getting flash stepping PTSD from Grand Chase watching this lol

  39. Yep, I already updated the OP with the issue, apparently I didn't have Java did vanilla work without Java I have no idea

  40. Minecraft 1.12 and newer includes a self-contained version of java.

  41. Oh, well that explains it, been ages since I last played haha

  42. Do you know C9 MMO? It has a cool fighting gameplay. I wish to have that in this game. But, that being said, it was me from that time who loves it. Not sure if this current me would still feel the same.

  43. C9 had one of the most satisfying PvP I've ever experienced in a game, too bad it became pay2win and died

  44. As a Reindog main, 500+ dmg is on the regular for me lol, the problem is actually scoring KOs as most hits that can KO have a delay/setup, and the ones that could KO otherwise are hard to hit because they have tiny hitboxes

  45. His dad is Phillip Boeckman, extremely wealthy lawyer, go figure... (sorry for late reply just found out about this shitstain on society today)

  46. I don't rematch against Taz players that literally just spin. I'll never understand how people get any sort of enjoyment in playing the game in such a brain dead way

  47. I play with a friend and when we see a Taz spamming and wants rematch we both take Taz.

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