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  1. Her problem is being way too kite'able with no escape tool.

  2. There’s people that play the game obviously and if you play within your region it is playable (imo) just not optimal. I prefer rollback anyday though. I still have no problem finding players though, it shows how popular and loved this game is despite the delay based netcode

  3. Fuck that guy. Deserves everything he gets

  4. I hate parents brought their children to this ''torture the animals show'' more.

  5. Never mind the cracked ribs and the pierced spleen.

  6. I'm retouching portraits for 20 years and there's something simple you should know.

  7. It's very bad indeed. Weird to see so many people here not admit how annoying so many breaks and ads are.

  8. It really was weird seeing people acting like it's totally normal.

  9. I usually just wait and watch everything on YouTube later so I don't have to deal with all that shit.

  10. So what you're saying is, we can get the game in the next few months if we're willing to settle for like 5 characters? I'll take it!

  11. Few months? No, even tho they had 3 characters all ready and go, no.

  12. I know, you're taking a joke too seriously lol.

  13. Don't say things like that in this subreddit. They'll bury you alive.

  14. Yes, pokimone bought Evo so she will stream it on her channel.

  15. Crazy that this guy got famous for salting dishes with a flourish at the table and thats all it took for people to assume he was a great chef.

  16. I think it was that Street Drawing of him made ''social media'' go after him.

  17. Yes send moba and fps specialist to go and help create a fighting game…. That’s how you have pipeline problems and a clash of ideas. The game will likely be played next year evo time.

  18. You don't send ''moba-fps specialists'', there's no such thing.

  19. Without touching most of this I will tell you that good netcode is a massive selling point

  20. Along with ''Point&Click'' abilities give Jax 1500 speed, full invisibility, 5 seconds long stun, 1000 range dash and auto clones/illision passives and he'll literally be a Dota character.

  21. Doesn't need to mention his name for it to be defamation. Also "free speech" doesn't apply here. "Freedom of speech" is for when the government tries to limit your speech.

  22. You are just 100% factually wrong. Check out

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