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  1. I’m a little confused. Where you at month 11 of a 12 month lease? If this is the case the LL has the right to say they are not renewing the lease. They would not have to give you a reason for the non-renewal, why they lied is their business.

  2. Girl, get a new plan new number & hotspot. You don’t have to let Nex know. That phone can become the Narc phone. Let him keep paying and by the time he has to stop your new number will be established with the people who need it.

  3. What does your husband do? Maybe the rejected it by mistake?

  4. High power lineman for the utility co. He showed up and works before police, fire & EMS if a power line is involved. They are also the ones who wait for the major wether events to hit and work till every customer is back up.

  5. You can but Don’t. You will have to start over in family court, new lawyer and a new deposit. This will be a binding contract. That means nothing to them but they will nail you to a post if you step a toe out of line.

  6. After thanking your lucky stars for this blessing save those receipt.

  7. Set those clear boundaries. Let it be known in writing that him watching the kids from home is conditional based on how he handles the day. IE: he’s unable to control the kids, kids asking you for help and not him, him choosing to stay home and not spend time outside with get it. This will immediately result in the children going to a daycare facility. He will be treated as any other caregiver and expected to do his job. You can also put in there about your twos personal issues will not be discussed during work hours at all. Him living there and watching the kids will only work if everyone’s on their best behavior. Try to get him to sign it or acknowledge it somehow. That way this piece of paper will go along way in court when he eventually acts out. Also remember to document all incidences of him breaking the contract. Make sure you send him date time and record via email of the issues.

  8. The Reality of the situation is you can be fired at any time for any reason. By law, you are to be protected if you complain to HR. The problem with this is proving the manager is harassing you and retaliating. So you can either take all of your proof and go above your managers head. Go to HR, corporate & their boss. Show them your documentation, lay your cards on the table and let them know you don’t want this to escalate any further. You also want your write ups removed and probation gone. Basically everything back to what it was before. You can spend the money consult with a lawyer and they will prob tell you to document and stay as long as you possibly can to build evidence so you can sue when he does eventually fire you.

  9. Shred them, soak in water then dehydrate them. They will last 2+ years like that.

  10. If it’s court ordered file contempt charges on him. You may be able to file contempt yourself. He wants to play stupid games let him.

  11. File for divorce on the grounds of fraud. He might be able to get an annulment, he might fight for zero support on these grounds as well.

  12. I was dating the guy not married to him. I went through something similar. I kept it to my self and told no one. Finally when I got brave enough to leave he started stalking me. It was a year from hell!! I finally had enough when he tried to run me off the road after he left me 112 messages on how much he loved me to how he was going to kill me.

  13. This happened to my friend as well. The court and her lawyer did nothing to help her. The lawyer wrote some strongly worded letters and charged her $250 a letter. He still texts her.

  14. I’m going from a Toyota Highlander and thinking about this 7 seater. Is it worth it?

  15. Dear sweet lord Don’t!! Picture yourself 2 years from now. You are finally in a healthy place and you and baby have really adjusted. You deal with the Nex every month when he pays the mortgage. He makes a big deal about how your sucking him dry etc.... but you can live with that b/c you got the house.

  16. Thank you for the concern for the emotional well being of our child. As you may be aware this is a very personal family matter and we wish for it to remain this way. We appreciate the suggestions from the well meaning (daycare person) but we wish for our personal situation to remain private. Please reach out if you notice any concerning behavior from our child. Her farther and I will address it together.

  17. Note to lawyer: ex showed up 2hrs late for his visitation. He then demanded to ‘stay the night with me’ when I refused he’s now threatening to withhold our child from me on an agreed day and time b/c I won’t comply with his demands.

  18. It’s not a trial, opinions and feelings don’t matter. The entire point of mediation is to hammer all the B/S everyday details out so you don’t have to go to court. Your feelings don’t matter, don’t get emotional. Put a sticky note over nex face if mediation is on FT. Make sure you bullet point the needs of the kids in most important order so you can stay on task.

  19. Just a little pice of advice. If you know you will be around your daughter and your Nex starts acting like a fool; block his number. You can return his call at a later time. There is no reason to sit there and be verbally abused to the point of a panic attack.

  20. Even if the party is together just separate out the gifts/money. He takes home his family’s and you take home yours. He can be petty all he wants and you don’t need to stoop to that level. In the future two separate party’s will prob work best for you guys.

  21. When my friend left her Narc it was the hardest thing she ever did. In fact he tossed her and their two kids out of the house 1 week before Christmas so he could move his new supply in. She was a SHAM. Her took their money, car and home.

  22. Do you have to make this decision now? Can you just play the Nexs game and just not respond? He’s allowed to at any point start seeing the kid. So let’s be real, you forgo the money owed and they demand to see the child. You collect the money owed and they demand to see the child. It’s pretty much how can they fuck with you more. I say don’t say or do anything and see what happens. If the collection agency comes after him you play dumb.

  23. Grey rocking is a method used to deal with nacrs. There is also a sub narcabusesanddivorice you should look into.

  24. Honestly what would happen if you just don’t call him. You can’t force someone to be a dad and that’s what you’re doing.

  25. Devils advocate here: SM did not call her the B-word, she referenced the word when talking to another (younger) child. This tells me the adults in that home use foul language in every day speech. If you bring this up I doubt anyone will care or do anything about it.

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