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  1. Right, so you want a mechanism where consensus can be reached on how the world works. Part of that means realizing that you have no such mechanism to guarantee you, yourself are right in applying the concepts you are to the empirical record you have access to.

  2. Here's my problem: the world is unfair even if humans are completely fair.

  3. There may not be objective morality, but there is an objective truth about morality. You seem to conflate the two concepts.

  4. I will always have the back of younger coworkers vs management. Why? Cause management abuses the shit out of workers.

  5. We really can't. Space has given us zero real useful knowledge.

  6. That's demonstrably false. It informed the development of classical mechanics via Newton's union of his own theories with the movements of celestial bodies. That theory underlies modern engineering.

  7. Given I know the review process they had to go through....yes, actually. Feel free to dig into it yourself.

  8. I honestly just don't see a mechanism which we could use to effectively forbid it.

  9. I disagree. I think there are criteria, but I don't have a general process for distinguishing between the two.

  10. Physics is a fundamental manifestation of empiricism. Empiricism has shown that we can make extremely precise predictions about the world using math.

  11. People have been moving around (migrating) and mixing for a very long time. The whole "one race in one place" narrative is severely lacking in capturing the historical reality.

  12. I am guessing non union shop right? The sad truth is those folks Choose to work without protection. Right, or wrong, it is their choice.

  13. Both actually. Right to work state means an uncomfortable degree of commingling and everyone suffer for it.

  14. It got this way because people let it get this way. It can change the same way. Vote in your own interests. Organise.

  15. I agree wholeheartedly. In fact I'd say it's a moral obligation to organize at this point, which is what I was trying to get across in my previous message.

  16. Well, let's see. I saw Democrats offer immigration reform to help with that. Unsurprisingly Republicans weren't tractable with that particular strategy (despite the demonstrable benefits).

  17. If I understand what you're saying, you're saying that if money was the only problem, then we should see higher rates of fertility in higher income brackets, when the opposite is often true, but i really don't think that observation has bearing on my argument when you evaluate the casual mechanisms.

  18. You're right up on the point. I am well aware that what's necessary isn't politically viable, but it's necessary.

  19. Ask the Evendale plant exactly how much "good" GE corporate and upper management has done for them over the years.

  20. The most rational thing to do would be to establish sustainable farming practices and fault-resistant supply chains. But no, JIT delusions and profit maximization are actually prioritized rather than, ya know, feeding our population.

  21. None of this has anything to do with morality, so I'd say you still don't really have a leg to stand on to judge these groups differently on moral grounds.

  22. Depends on the implementation I suppose. But the upgrade and patching took all of a week maybe two and the world was fixed

  23. Yeah. And a lottttt of overtime hours in my case to push to production.

  24. I can at least speak to one major commercial codebase (omitting names) out there where that was very much not the case, but I'm sure there were places your point held true.

  25. You *need* workers. Workers do not *need* you. Go fuck yourself.

  26. If executives want to be fucking princes and their companies their goddam fiefdoms, well....I can tell them *exactly* how that went for *real* prices.

  27. Resignation of the decision makers who pushed this forward. They can continue to work for wizards/Hasbro, but the only real route to regain trust is to remove the bad actors from their positions of power and replace them.

  28. "Unless it kills innocents" is a key point, and politics, like it or not, is how we make decisions as a group. We very often, as a nation, "agree" to kill *many*, *many* innocents.

  29. An intervention isn't an effective intervention if it doesn't have a high compliance rate. You take your patient as you find them; it's not the place of the medical community to pass judgement on the behavior of the ill.

  30. There's a reason there're human clinical trials. The treatments are very promising. It's all very real.

  31. Yall fuckers were warned for decades. Literally of this *exact* scenario. Same with climate change and

  32. Oh, hush. I know what I make, I know what I make you, I know what it costs to live. I'm not a fucking moron, despite what the WSJs opinion section thinks.

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