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  1. Yes indeed! He's quietly the power striker and backbone for SA in ODIs and has incredible stats for someone who doesn't bat in the top 3, similar to Buttler. One of best middle order bats currently!

  2. It is hilarious because cricket is the closest to a non-american "americanised" version of a team sport in T20 franchise leagues which is similar to the franchise model most American leagues apply. No big regional rivals and a hegemony over a large metropolitan area.

  3. I just wanted a punt at this, with the expansion of T20 leagues being commonplace and cricket increasing need of talent especially specialist bowlers. What's your call on some players having technically "illegal bowling action" since the ICC still allows players to play in domestic competition unless they are directly reported.

  4. I can definitely see this happening, a lot of people in India aren't aware of SA20s existence precisely because it isn't marketed anywhere here despite being the "better" run league. All ads I've seen are on OTT platforms owned by Viacom and Jio.

  5. Well I have seen a lot of shops run it in background as they do their daily chores, also apparently some people still like Uthappa enough to watch him bat when his team plays

  6. Yeah, watched him bat in games for the Dubai Capitals still a class T20 player.

  7. Why the fuck are people complaining? The dude is 34 and has to look at his choices. What can he do when he has to play insignificant T20Is against Bangladesh, he won't be considered for the ODIs where Malan, Roy, Salt are higher up the pecking order.

  8. Thus, SA and Netherlands series might be most exciting series in existence between a FM and an associate team. Beating SA in ODIs is no small task however, but maybe SA choke and NL eek out a win in possibly the most decisive match in the WCSL.

  9. Honestly, fuck Star Sports/Disney, major reason why I absolutely despise them as a platform. Actively leeching off cricket whilst providing subpar coverage for years. Just looking at providers like Viacom, Fox, Sky and others, they are leaps and bounds ahead of Star's steaming pile of shit streaming and cable.

  10. Bob Woolmer was a former South African coach (during the Hansie fixing scandal), he then coached Pakistan when they were embarrassingly kicked out of the 2007 World cup by Ireland. Woolmer died the next day under suspicious circumstances but nothing came of it.

  11. I swear, I was trying to ambush the AI in ROME 2 and the AI easily avoided me even though there was no other way and it decided to camp itself near the coast.

  12. Bhuvi got yeeted from selection for absolutely no reason. Despite adapting himself over the years for death bowling and being economical, people have started to realize how the young guns shit the bed worse than Bhuvi at the death, only Bumrah is comparable but depending on him do to everything isn't right.

  13. Is Michael Clarke vs Morne Morkel underrated or is it just me?

  14. Teams not being to make even 100 runs in a T20 match. Absolute dogshit of a pitch.

  15. I doubt you can do it at any level tbh, atleast professionally. There's a reason why there is kind of a hard limit on number of beamers a fast bowler can bowl before being taken off for the rest of the match.

  16. 20 is too small of a roster size to hold true "regional qualifier", this combined with the fact that none of the FMs even bother playing their regional associate teams in any multi-team tournaments (except Asia Cup and only one team) besides the mandatory ICC events speaks volumes to how much they care.

  17. Peach from the Beastie, but Indian Batsmen have been incredibly woeful on pitches with any grip.

  18. Sisanda Magala might be the key to Saffa finding success in the shorter formats, they really don't need economical workhorses like Ngidi. They need attacking bowlers!

  19. I wish Adam Rossington ever gets a look-in for the English side in the future because Duckett is kinda mid in ODIs for me. Their List A stats are almost the same. Will help with Buttler not having to keep everytime.

  20. Magala has great work ethic for a bowler, can bowl those bouncers, back of the length and dart accurate yorkers at death.

  21. Fox finally have a competitor, tho I didn't expect to be in Bangladesh.

  22. Tots credits to the fabolous man and this fabolous image of a beast up top. Just didn't kick the door absolutely smashed it into smithereens.

  23. Now, I seriously don't get the point of Hooda. Doesn't even bowl good off spin and his batting returns against any of the bigger teams are not notable. India can slot in so many spin bowling all rounders in his position.

  24. I can't remind myself how many times Washi played a losing innings for SRH similar to today's game.

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