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  1. Just watched the video in its entirety. ZERO issues with officers' response. The criminal, indeed, pointed the gun at the officers.

  2. You understand that the rules for admittance can be ignored if all the NATO countries want to ignore them.

  3. So Russia will just throw a few billion dollars at one corrupt member state like Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Montenegro, etc., and any possibility of the unanimous vote is dead on arrival. Or they'll promise Turkey some more anti-air missiles and they'll bow down, too.

  4. Sure they will, they will just start a war against all of NATO, not just Ukraine.

  5. Won't happen. Russia's ruling class keeps their money, villas and kids in the West while brainwashing the commoners about "the evilness of the West".

  6. I’m lazy and impatient, so I purchased a PC copy of the game that I play with mods and then I play the Quest version of BeatSaber without mods on my quest 2. That way I can play updates as soon as they launch without breaking anything.

  7. How demanding is that BS on your laptop? Can most laptops run it?

  8. Plus eBay bailed on them, which I imagine had to be a decent chunk of their transactions. And their security sucks.

  9. What do you mean eBay bailed on them? I just payed for my won auction with PayPal last night.

  10. It's sad how pro-Novak mods here are attempting to bury recent MAJOR developments that keep coming out and clearly deserve their own separate discussions in this old thread. Even

  11. They're not rich simply because they were lucky enough to have oil resources. They're rich because they shrewdly manage their natural resources and collect hefty royalties instead of giving their resources away for peanuts to multi-national corporations the way most countries do. Looking at you Canada.

  12. Canada is one of the top quality of life countries in the world and is a desired destination for millions worldwide. I think Russia would be a much better example of how to misappropriate national resources.

  13. Sounds like a lovely first date. Just let her pick up the check.

  14. even splitting it fairly will likely send her freeloading ass into an error 404, considering the sheer number of willing horny suckers

  15. To the casuals, Canelo is carrying the sport. With Pacman out, trust me Terrence Crawford, Usyk, even Tyson Fury as good as they are can't carry the brand the way he does.

  16. In Europe, Fury and Joshua seem to be much bigger deal than Canelo among casuals.

  17. Mitch is a petty thief compared to these ruthless criminals like Luka, Putler and the rest of the soviet school dictators which now rule Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc.

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