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  1. Keep powering through! Do what has been working. It’s so hard not to give in and spiral into the feelings. I always feel better when I move on and don’t give the feelings power over me! Fake it till you make it really has been working! Took me years and I’m still not perfect at it though.

  2. So the background music helps me and I like the breaks to walk around a bit but I always feel like the alarm goes off as soon as I hit my flow state! Maybe different times work for different people

  3. > I try to go to the gym, only to injure my toe by dropping my phone on it.

  4. I gotta laugh about the toe injury my guy 😂but like this comment says you got thissss! Just don’t give up!

  5. I would like slightly stricter moderation in terms of the basic structure of DR and the baby steps. For example, I have a credit card I pay off weekly (sometimes more often) and have never paid interest on. Currently have over $1,000 in airline miles on it and I only put bills and groceries there (I got it during a move so our initial downpayment, which I had in cash, etc). I would NOT tell people in the sub CCs are ok. They are ok for me, at this time in my life, but a lot of people interested in this sub/plan can’t handle credit cards and that’s why they are here in the first place. I am extremely paranoid about mine because I grew up in a family with a lot of debt and I check it daily (first thing I do in the AM).

  6. Yes I agree this isn’t what I thought it would be. It is more critique than focus on baby steps/motivation. I’m not one to just follow blindly but I listen to the show for motivation and the guidelines are helpful - especially in my “early years” (right now) when I need to be frugal and focus on paying off student loans. Not sure if I will follow each principle later on or not but they have served me well so far.

  7. This reads like at least as much a personal boundaries issue as a frugality issue.

  8. Yes, I had a family member get really upset about me asking them not to get me gifts this year for Christmas - I’m working towards minimalism and couldn’t afford a gift for everyone this year. They made a big deal about it and made it seem like I don’t care about them because I didn’t want gifts (this was early November when I asked this, long before Christmas) and indicated I’d rather do quality time. I didn’t realize these types of discussions could be so tricky - I may have approached it differently if I knew how touchy some people could be about this sort of thing.

  9. I can't do this any longer. I'm tired of being afraid. I'm attracted to you. I'm not interested in friendship anymore. I want to get to know you the way only a man knows a woman. Do you feel the same?

  10. Hey I’ve been dating my friend for years now lol. He’s my now best friend and I’m madly in love with him. Our relationship is so solid because we started out as people who enjoy each other’s company.

  11. I also have a different pair of shoes for different activities but I still don't have more than 5 shoes. you're literally saying that more than one pair of shoes for each day of the week is minimalism

  12. Four pairs is the only difference between 9 and 5. Who sets 5 as the standard? I can say I have 3 and 5 seems likes too many.

  13. I'm not setting any standard nor am I trying to say there should be a hard standard. However, I do think there's a number of people in this sub whom it would do well for to realize how privileged it is to call themselves a minimalist or to say that they only have what they "need".

  14. I think I understand what you are saying. Technically, if we didn’t have the technology and amount of free time we need have today, maybe we only ‘need’ one pair of shoes or no shoes at all! Many people don’t even have the resources to consider or debate what we are discussing right now.

  15. I feel this! About to get my period and I know because I’m having a rough few days mentally.

  16. Dave actually didn’t interrupt her/talk over her! - though it was their first show together so I’m not sure if it’s temporary to showcase her or not.

  17. Had a few folks request it so here they are- they come in packs of three!

  18. I know a lot of your replies are related to her developing the feelings which makes a lot of sense. For them to become this strong, she had to dwell on them in some way.

  19. My boyfriend is an assistant (5years) and becoming a hygienist, and he always tells me:

  20. Mostly everyone has history. Especially at your age. You can choose to dwell or you can let it go and base your decisions on present behaviors that may indicate she’s not fully invested.

  21. The first question you asked is specified at the very top of my post. How isn't it dumb to then ask the same question again?

  22. Eh you could’ve said that without name calling my guy.

  23. Graduated with BS Psych, new related job, first apartment, promotion to lead, and accepted into my masters!!

  24. I mean that is assuming she’d want to get back with you after you cheated and have been dating that person for a year. If ex GF has any self respect it’ll be a no. You don’t know anything about her actually cheating or not, unless you were just v unclear in your post.

  25. It’s potential. It’s why most humans love and celebrate the idea of babies and children so much. Each of us has so much we can offer into the world. Each of us has the power to make change. The ability to see potential (see and imagine the future) is one of the things that makes us distinctly human. And wether or not we can actually live up to the glorified ideal we are aiming towards, the aiming gives us purpose. If we do not forgive others around us, we damn ourselves with our own mistakes (forgiveness is not reconciliation). And then there is no future, and there is no purpose. But ultimately, we do WANT to live, so we continue to see the potential future that we can create. Something better, something more. As humans, we create the definitions that make up the world. You define yourself through the potential you see in yourself.

  26. I think the key, is gradually. You don't have to pull away suddenly but just slowly make more friends outside your usual friends and give back the same energy she gives to you. And it's always best if you communicate with her and talk to her about how you feel <3

  27. Give back the same energy to people and they usually change theirs when they are being disrespectful! It’s almost like they want something to chase lol. Just don’t let yourself fall back into the old pattern once she starts being nice again. Don’t be unfriendly, just understand where the relationship really stands.

  28. I think learning to see yourself as an authority and someone who should be respected by you is key. Your thoughts, goals, and deadlines are important too! Treat yo self like the boss you are lol

  29. Something that helped me was to intentionally decide once a day to just put it down. One percent better each day right?

  30. Consistent bedtime and consistent wake up time does wonders! How long depends on each persons needs.

  31. So I think you may need to work on acceptance before you can improve what you want to improve. Accept where you are in life and be grateful for what you have. Accept your responsibility to change the things you can. Understand that there are things you can’t change and things that just take time. You are still young. It’ll be ok.

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