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  1. He murdered someone in there because he didn't like him, and another one for snoring. Fuck this shitty title narrative. Reddit worshipping cartel hitmen now.

  2. The guy's a real jerk. I made this post before falling asleep and was reaching the title limit, but I regret choosing the word "criminals" instead of "victims".

  3. Serious question and please excuse my ignorance, don’t know much about how YouTube works, only really use it for finding tunes tbh, how does 250k subs equate to ‘a successful YouTube career’ financially. ie how much could someone make with that following? Follow up: Are there not laws preventing serious criminals profiting from their notoriety/crimes after they’ve served their time, eg writing books, TV appearances etc about it/them?

  4. I just sort of took Wikipedia's word for it, they describe him as a Brazilian celebrity as sorts, and received cult popularity for commentaries on other crimes. His channel houses over 30 million views, which I'm sure brings in some sort of revenue but "success" is quite subjective

  5. surprisingly 30. thought I wouldn't finish but clutched a ton of comrade cards and finished with <1 hr

  6. I'm at about the same place as you. Thanks for doing the math!! I'm hoping for that Rank 28 Supreme Capsule, I figure there's no way to finish Rank 30 without spending real money. And I spent about 200g at the beginning too!

  7. Hoping for that too, though HH unfortunately put the bulk of comrades missions there

  8. I think it's a great job, but every store is wildly different. Give it a week or two and see if you like it. always recommend keeping track of finances: make sure you know how much you make in tips every day so that when a discrepancy comes up you can track where it came from and solve it. Also keep track of your hours and $ spent on gas/repair to make sure it's reflected on your paycheck. After all of that, you can see your true wage and decide if it's viable for you

  9. My thoughts are that brooklyn pizzas taste a bit off to me. The crust doesn't age well for reheating and in my opinion don't pay a good homage to the traditional "thin but not too thin" style brooklyn is known for.

  10. Oh man you are either fucking stupid beyond belief/don't understand how our economy really works or you're so badly brainwashed you parrot any line dominos tells you. Here's a question for you, is mileage reimbursement legally allowed to be factored in as part of our hourly wage? You act as if the store experiences a net loss by sending a driver out when that is so far from the truth, first of all our pay drops the second we are routed, secondly, food cost on a pizza is litterally a dollar and some change so don't act like that charge is somehow making up any deficit. All it does is push people away from delivery so dominos can hire less drivers/handle having less drivers, and take money out of the tips given to drivers. You're a fucking moron my guy that's all it is.

  11. Split pay is so dumb you're actually stupid if you choose to continue working at a franchise like that

  12. At my store we get paid a certain amount per mile, and the system keeps track of your total miles. Mine doesn't account for depreciation, so it's an expense I pay for and in my financial planning I average -3$/hr because of this.

  13. My store does this sometimes but I don't like it for the reasons you said. Plus I have different bagging rituals than others. And drivers making pizzas will screw things up. It's a nice idea on paper, but in practice we were quick to ditch it

  14. It is only bad in practice if you don’t train them properly.

  15. Nah it's just less efficient overall. Good drivers won't have a problem routing themselves and doing things fast so insiders can focus more on their tasks

  16. If I had $2.5 million for every time I said $2.5 million is a lot of money I would have a lot of money.

  17. Your statement that drivers do not rely on tips is false as I just explained.

  18. Nearly everyone commutes using their own vehicle. They too will come across those expenses. I've done it myself driving further distance. The only difference is how much gas one needs to buy. You're not going to be doing maintenance once a week or anything like that either. So, my statement stands correct.

  19. We had a driver who used to fill in his own tips when people would stiff him and never got Caught. What are y’all’s thought on that? I’m sure franchisees will shit themselves when they see this post especially that dumbass Joey in carrolton texas

  20. In an envelope. At the drive through. Under 10k

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