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China’s threat to ‘punish’ Olympic athletes for free speech ‘very concerning’, Australia says

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  1. Those logos look great together. Someone should name a team the Denver Broncos.

  2. Denver Broncos? Nobody would call a team that. It doesn't make any sense

  3. McDavid's gonna get to go if they let NHLers go in 2026. He's not as old as Stamkos, who also has never been and who's last chance was probably this year

  4. The NHL doesn't like their players to go to the Olympics. Since it overlaps with the season, having players go to the Olympics hurts revenue, forces them to pause the schedule for 3 weeks, and carries the risk of players getting injured while abroad. On the other hand, players do want to go to the Olympics, because they want to represent their countries at the highest level. And so the NHL and its players will be fighting over this contention point until the end of time.

  5. I mean, yeah, this is about the best apology he could have made given the situation (at least concerning the ectopic pregnancy specifically), but the fact that it was released over three months after Sabrina's initial video is troubling. It's gonna take a lot for much of Gus' audience to trust him again, and I don't know if this apology released so long after the fact is enough for that to happen.

  6. I'm so goddamn confused, this movie is pretty explicitly about how she was wronged and how all the guys in the situation were clowns and it got good reviews on both of these sites.

  7. Being concerned about not winning by enough during an 11-0-1 stretch over the past month is very much a first world problem in hockey terms

  8. My favorite playthrough I've done was when I was a Nord and used the Ebony Mail, Konahrik, and Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking, with Wuuthrad as my primary weapon. Despite being a two-handed heavy armored viking, the Ebony Mail and a maxed out stealth tree allowed me to sneak around a surprising amount, which made for a fun play style.

  9. Look... I like TNT. I like TNT a lot, especially with their analysis. But ESPN has been even worse than NBC ever was with this year's NHL national coverage. The announcers are terrible, the mics don't work properly, they insist on using camera angles from the fucking nosebleeds, AND they make half of their games exclusive to their streaming service. It genuinely makes me miss NBC.

  10. Those over the top views actually give you a better view of what is happening, though

  11. Look man, you might like it, but imo there's a reason why a standard camera angle is used all across the league. That nosebleeds camera angle has you looking diagonally at the rink through the netting, it's not the quality I would expect from an NHL broadcast.

  12. I remember seeing someone on there back in 2018 or 2019 say they watched TLJ eight times and hated it more every time. I don't even watch movies I LOVE eight times within a span of two years. I can't imagine actively watching something you hate so frequently. It crosses the line between having a normal dislike for a movie and having an unhealthy obsession with a movie.

  13. I'm not a big fan of the Sequels. After watching episode nine, I remember thinking, hm, that wasn't very good.

  14. No. Just because they're not constantly talking about things from an Avs point of view doesn't mean they hate us. Some Avs fans seem to have this idea that anything less than a complete game blowjob, like the one Mose and Pete like to give in Altitude broadcasts, is somehow being biased against the Avs.

  15. Former DU Pioneer, NCAA Champion, and NHL All-Star Troy Terry, let's go

  16. Tank: WRECKING BALL WRECKING BALL WRECKING BALL. Having one on your team is like watching the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan

  17. I know in my gut that Greenway is going to walk away without a suspension. It happens multiple fucking times per year and I'm sick of it. Something happens in a game, like Kolesar's hit on Byram, Greenway's hit on EJ, Stamkos' hit on Girard, that deserves supplementary punishment because almost nothing happened to them in the game, we wait for the DoPS to at least announce a hearing, and then... Nothing. Everybody forgets what happened and an Avs player is injured for who knows how long.

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