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  1. I dream of a full remake of at least Fable 2 but more preferably the whole trilogy, "Dead Space remake" style.

  2. She'll be a strong muscular type later in life, a capable and reliable sort I think. She'll go far and accomplish much.

  3. I have arrived at a base with a teleporter, but I can't see any such Sentinel ship nearby. Has something changed? Can you help at all op?

  4. I do not know about any base. I just placed a Communications Station there. Go to the com station. If you do not see it then fly to the coordinates.

  5. I've managed to locate it, I got the ship working. It wasn't too far from the portal base.

  6. Yeah I sees this right heres in Skyrim all the time oh yes sir so nice.

  7. Hi! Canadian here. This is the first time I've heard of this, and I think my people would rather help the homeless be not homeless instead.

  8. A man can't even poop in the bush anymore without being harassed

  9. Have you seen the YouTube clips of him getting dommed by CottontailVA? They're hilarious.

  10. Ilulu's thighs? Oh yeah, sure, that's what her main attraction is. Mhm. Sure. Yep. Couldn't be anything else. Eyes dart left and right, squinting

  11. Every year since 2000 has been a series of "oh no" but worse each successive year.

  12. Yo, Silvia's an option? Yeah I'll take that D, whut of it? Time to get real exotic my gents

  13. Anyone who settles land I was even slightly thinking about taking.

  14. Yes and then holding a centuries long grudge. "Oh I see you're at war with another civ, would be a shame if I declared war and pillaged your countryside while you're fighting." Then being petty and stopping any attempts to repair the damage my troops did.

  15. I just usually conquer them and change the city names. The whole civ. Everything. I main Germany. Ghandi is my bitch. I'm evil.

  16. The Earn It act is back in the American Senate, and if anything will take us backwards it'll be that fascist's wet dream.

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