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  1. This breast size is too large for Torhu, and looks more fitting for Lucoa or Ilulu (just in case you wanna make models for them).

  2. Another piece from Zheng. And oversized, as per their usual style.

  3. I prefer to do a deathless build myself, if ever I'm gonna go a subtracted health route. Deathless mod, madcap shield, no health save one point but a half million points of shield.

  4. Who just slaps on a sponson like that? Size makes it look like the tank is tall enough to be multi floor.

  5. My first time seeing this gif was as a "The hippies getting ready to storm area 51" meme from back in 2019. Hawt dayum those were funny times.

  6. 10 years ago I started watching Markiplier cuz a friend wanted to show me this new video he found about a funny guy who plays a game called Happy Wheels.

  7. If you wish to go crazy with unit farming, look up an activated indium farm. This will give you a lengthy goal, depending on how progressed you are in this game.

  8. Gonna have to be happy with everyone else's screenshots, cuz I can't seem to get this far.

  9. Same, I find myself restarting the game before this even happens

  10. The strings are their arms and they're the ones playing with the dice. 'cept the one eating the dice in the corner. He feeling snacky.

  11. I clearly need to do some stop-motion videos of these dice bags eating the dice :)

  12. I've seen a few articles over the years of small scientist teams discovering some cure or another, and then nothing more from them. Wouldn't be surprised if they were taken down by shadow figures.

  13. Nah, brother, this is just the Skyrim experience. It just works.

  14. These differences might not be enough for some, but I can agree with a Star Citizen comparison.

  15. Does Westworld have four seasons now? Damn I should probably continue watching season 2.

  16. Used to have one when I was growing up, too. Even while everyone else had flat screens, we got the trinitron.

  17. I don't think a meme was needed here. I think the dog and their reaction were enough.

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