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  1. When young people die suddenly well before their time, it's very common for them not to have an obituary

  2. The less than two weeks rings true to me just based on her anecdotal stories. Everything is very cheetah girls Spanish magical adventure. In tune with someone who spent a short amount of very curated time there, not long enough to pick up on cultural nuances.

  3. You may be into something! A lot of us thought the date of the pic was wrong and that it looked more early 2000s, and her whole style has been and continues to be cheetah girls

  4. Hey Oddyam! I am working and can’t do a search for it but someone reposted it in here the other day suggesting that it looked more like Cheesecake Factory outdoor seating if that helps you find it. Let me know what you think.

  5. I hope the factory that produces those monstrosities burns to the ground.

  6. Especially bc of the quick change to it to add the potato chip thing, Alec doesn’t react to this group, Hilaria always does.

  7. Same uniform as the guy that walked her to get coffee, I don’t think Alec is paying for bodyguards I think he might pay the Dev security guys to babysit her walk around the block. Sort of like dog walkers.

  8. I am so sorry for that precious girl with her, she looks to be from very humble background, this is someone whose income depends on not upsetting Hilaria. She looks afraid. I cannot imagine a worse job than working for this woman.

  9. He was trying to ingratiate himself with the Hispanic women detectives.

  10. Omg were they Hispanic?? What an idiot, the entire world knows the grift, we all had nothing else to do during COVID.

  11. One of the first things Alec told the police when they arrived on set was “my wife is from Spain”. He’s as bad as she is with the cosplay.

  12. No one in the Hispanic community even knows who she is. How does she have so many Spanish speaking fans?

  13. She so deep in her delusion! I’ve said before, when she’s stressed out, the fake accent comes out big time. Maybe it’s some type of psychosis?

  14. Or maybe she’s just a horrible person who is once again using a spotlight to appropriate a culture.

  15. Is he going to plead HER insanity?? Living with this could be a mitigating circumstance.

  16. She walked the pap walk twice, just like when she kept walking the red carpet a few weeks ago, she walked out and put the kids in the car, walked back into the Dev and walked back out again, for no apparent reason other than to get her picture taken. And she had to intentionally put on that necklace and those earrings with this trash outfit. It’s wildly distasteful, she knew the charges were coming and this is her saying “who cares?”.

  17. I was wondering how this shot could be taken if she just walked out of the dev, got the kids in the car, the end. So she turned around to go back in the building. Christ on a cracker. Anything for publicity.

  18. Carmen is Alec’s do over daughter, his shot at redemption after the leaked voicemail to Ireland. Every part of this contractual marriage has been about redeeming his image. Carmen is the most powerful person in that household, she may not yet be aware of that but Alec lives for her approval and would do anything for her. It’s why Mami has turned Carmen into her best friend, because Carmen is her biggest competition for Alec’s attention and money. Carmen is Mami’s biggest threat. Alec’s biggest fear in that police station was “what will Carmen now think of me?”

  19. Why would a mother record this? If you are truly enthralled with your child, you aren’t stopping to record these moments. You record them if you are only actually enthralled with yourself.

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