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  1. The expression in New Hampshire is “Don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes and it’ll change”

  2. That’s basically the expression in South Florida. Except it’s 15 minutes.

  3. There’s no guarantee it will ever make it to humans. So many things work when doing it on mice, but not on humans. If it does work on humans, I guess it would be at least 15 years from now.

  4. I thought crispr was a kind of open source project, where it’s simple enough of a tool for people to learn and use it individually.

  5. Can antennas be built into the solar panels I wonder for dual purpose, save space.

  6. Intimidation & manipulation are unfortunately very much apart of police aresenal/culture. I can at least somewhat understand where this might be coming from. Even if the perception isn’t exactly true that they are trying to put into play with this article.

  7. Russia might be pushing for all it's worth now, because when the western tanks arrive, the tide might turn.

  8. Tanks alone aren’t good enough, they need air superiority.

  9. I think it is a misconception amongst many that just sending a load of tanks would end the war. Tanks are not the queens of the battlefield anymore. They are vulnerable to air forces and anti-tank weapons. Without the appropriate doctrine and training they are just burnt out hulls in no time.

  10. Thank you for the reasoning, & background. You made sense of the news I’ve been seeing for the past few months.

  11. Hmmm, what do the residents of flint mi think about your assessment?

  12. I would actually read up on that when you have the chance. One of the reasons that came to be, is because they injected Chems into the water lines, and that stripped away that protective layer.

  13. Crazy how that happens. There was this guy I went to school with who was like a class clown. Fairly popular guy, always had a great time when we had classes together but we'd get in trouble for laughing and such. Even seen him out and about after graduating and he was the same as I remembered. Sometime later I find out he is in prison for killing his mom and dumping her body in the woods. Even seen the video of him in court and he just looked like a shell of the person I Knew.. shits wild.

  14. Not to defend the actions of his, but more so wondering if he was maybe abused.

  15. When it comes to corruption, it usually is embedded into the very way they do things. Humans are habitual. Even if a cop is ‘Good,’ there is a chance he is doing things corruptly. Simply from that department being organized that way inside their protocols in how they are supposed to deal with various circumstance.

  16. This is just another bad example of perspective. They are theorizing while still lacking information. These things of seemingly special cases are only special because your vantage point. This is just nifty data not proof of anything or an example of a special case.

  17. There’s already been a lot of debate on our models of Galaxy formation lacking or being incomplete. As alot of data gathered shows alot of inconsistencies in our theories on such.

  18. I work in the industry and this is true, in simple terms it's called the commenting period. Regulating organizations will publish the broad proposed rules and regulations and then give a period (which can be pretty long) for industry and experts outside the regulatory agency to provide comments on things they think are unrealistic, unreasonable, too soon to implement, etc.

  19. It’s true that Italian fascism did at least initially have some support from minority populations including Italian Jews. After all, when the status quo is oppressive, revolutionary ideas are attractive to the oppressed. Mussolini’s form of ultranationalism was definitely less racist than Hitler’s (low bar to clear) due to more of an emphasis on defining the nation by culture and history rather than an idea of biological race. He saw most Italian Jews as Italians and recognized that there have been Jewish communities in Italy for over 2,300 years. At times he also spoke against the idea of racial superiority, or at least German racial superiority. With that said he was still certainly not one for equality, egalitarianism, or multiculturalism. Mussolini definitely held prejudiced views. And Ethiopia under Italian fascism was subject to apartheid.

  20. Did Italy protect their Jews from being deported during the war?

  21. I’m curious if things like this could also reboot other aspects. Regrow hair or tell the body to grow new teeth. Could it be localized to aspects of the body or is a whole body treatment.

  22. average density of the universe is estimated to be one atom per square cubic meter.

  23. Technically “space” is supposed to have a non-zero energy level.

  24. Thank you for taking the time to write that out. Gives me new stuff to look into.

  25. Totally unscientific, but I often see birds apparently just singing merrily for the joy of it. Free on a sunny day with a full belly, who wouldn’t sing one’s happy song?

  26. I think we get the impression sometimes that animals are somewhat robotic in their natures. Instead of full beings, with their own curiosities, & takes of the world.

  27. I mean if you break it down, it’s plan old Self-Discipline.

  28. I don't know if you're American but during the height of Covid we were losing something like 4,000 a day. Granted it's fundamentally different because a pandemic is not a warzone but it was shocking realizing we were experiencing more than a 9/11 (this being an exceedingly traumatic moment for most Americans who lived through it) a day from a virus and we still had a segment of the population that wanted to carry on as normal.

  29. Key example on why we need a revision of what ‘wealth’ is & regulate the fuck out of those definitions globally.

  30. Back then they might have been right.

  31. I’d say we’ve been affecting the world for a lot longer, industrialization tipped the cup though.

  32. Birth rates in the US are decreasing for younger women and increasing for older women (

  33. He literally brought bullets to school the week before talking about shooting his teacher…he’s a psychopath.

  34. Hot take: Our focus on maximising happiness (or some analog to it) is the wrong approach. Minimizing unhappiness is more pragmatic. The reason being unhappiness is quite easily measured or at least the conditions which might cause it are. For example hunger, disease and poverty. And is more easily directly treated: food, medicine and money.

  35. So tackle things in which unhappiness exists. To reach the more abstract happiness.

  36. LMAO that mouse walking round like "yo wtf why y'all making all this noise I'm trying to sleep goddamnit!"

  37. Where the hell is the mouse? Keep looking for it and missing it.

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