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  1. Reminds me of a story my wife told me about a guy she dated years ago that just kept talking about his car and it was this big thing for him, and how the car was nice but she just didn’t get why it was such a big deal. I asked what the car even was and she goes “a BMW maybe? I don’t know”. Like, this guy spent all this time going on and on about his car, and she couldn’t even care less what it was.

  2. Exactly! Some people just aren't dazzled by cars--I have never thought anything beyond that is a car about any "nice" car I've ever seen.

  3. Proximity to Mexico and just overall very large population of Spanish speakers. 13% of the US population speaks Spanish as the primary language used within their homes.

  4. Well, I'm not talking about a specific person and it's a hypothetical question, but I assume that they're not an asshole and they speak English

  5. The idea that I would think any more/less of someone just based on the country they came from is a completely alien concept to me, and I imagine it's an alien concept to a LOT of Americans.

  6. It was more of the question that would show me difference between Poles (generally white people, I added that because Poland is Central-Eastern European country that was communist in history, but is now in NATO and in the EU) and for example Hispanics or Asians

  7. I don't want to minimize your concerns, but they genuinely DO NOT REGISTER to me as things to think about!

  8. How did you get this pic of my last two brain cells?

  9. Women can't even drink without being sexualised? Drink !?

  10. This reminded me of the time someone asked in some subreddit about how to get their socks to stay up, and someone else (as in, not OP!) was in the comments asking weird follow-up questions about their "saggy" socks to every single reply, in a way that was abundantly clear they were looking for jerkoff material.

  11. So how does one keep the socks from sagging?

  12. It was years ago, but IIRC people recommended garters, socks with silicone grippy stuff at the top, or wearing socks that ended above the widest part of your calves... But I also just opted for shorty socks so 🤷‍♀️

  13. The Lost Adventures comic collections has a great story called "Private Fire" where Sokka decides to enlist in the Fire Nation Army (as Wang Fire) and gets in over his head

  14. A foreign friend asked me "who is Betty White and why are my American friends so sad about her death?"

  15. Many of us are monolingual because a vast majority of our country speaks English. We can drive for days through the country and still be in English-speaking majority areas. We don't encounter a new language everytime we cross state borders.

  16. Right??!?! I grew up in Ohio, very close to the Kentucky and Indiana borders.

  17. I grew up in Charlotte right by SC, sometimes it is like a separate language when you cross the border

  18. Yeah, when I moved from the Cincinnati OH area to the Louisville KY area (about 100 miles apart), I was surprised to learn how different the accent was!

  19. Sometimes I’ll give someone a light tap on the arm or shoulder if I’m trying to get their attention and they can’t hear me. It’s usually something for their own benefit though, like if they dropped something and didn’t notice

  20. That's fine, but like... I've had a stranger put their whole hand on my shoulder and leave it there for several seconds in that situation, which most Americans would probably think is SUPER weird and uncomfortable-- I sure did!

  21. I was leaving a store, and another customer realized I had left something on the checkout counter. He came up next to me, put his hand one my shoulder, then kept it there for the time it took to say "excuse me, I think this is yours"

  22. Gonna hijack the coffee complaint. Why does Kaldi mark some of their beans as "sold out" when the case is full of them? You telling me those are fake beans?

  23. They might be real, but they've probably been there a loooooong time! A lot of those gravity feed display bins have a

  24. Have a lot of places stopped accepting battery recycling?

  25. A real bridge troll comes out from under the bridge and eats your car, then you burn in hell for 250 years

  26. If I ever became rich and rubbed elbows with rich people and go to rich people events like art viewings I’d probably think “WTF?” all the time with my financially practical mind.

  27. Even if I had the kind of money where I could blow $2000 on dumb bullshit as easily as I can blow $2.00 on a dumb bullshit now, I still wouldn't spend it on something this asinine

  28. as an alternative bitch I can name and distinguish the different types of goth but I wouldn't expect a well adjusted person to be able to.

  29. Right?!?! If you're not part of a certain subculture, you don't really know about/understand the distinctions between the different sub-subcultures.

  30. A girl that went to my hs freebled but she also like didn’t bathe or wear deodorant, and that’s the only time I’ve met someone who free bleeds irl. Otherwise it just sounds so gross like why would u want to sit somewhere with ur period blood all over ur backside. Also like ur gonna stain ur clothes? On purpose? Okay I guess, not my money not my problem lmao

  31. Free bleeding just sounds gross to me. Nope. And I don’t know any other woman who even contemplated free bleeding. Periods smell weird and are a fucking mess I don’t think anyone (besides who you mentioned) actually chooses to free bleed when we literally have pads, tampons, even period underwear and menstration cups.

  32. Right? Free bleeding sounds as messy and unpleasant and deranged to me as shitting directly into my pants instead of using a toilet

  33. I keep getting ads for Ambie Sound Earcuffs. They're just outside my impulse purchase price point, but I am interested in the idea of bone conduction earbuds instead of the one-piece style I'm using now.

  34. Never, unless the point of the text message is to share something that needs to be heard, like "listen to the weird noise this thing is making" or "what is that song that goes [hums a little of the song]?" or something that would take a long time to type but a short time to say. I wouldn't make a habit of sending them, and I'd be annoyed at anyone who did.

  35. “I want to put my membership on hold from December 4th 2022 through February 27th 2023 because I’m going to my country on vacation.”

  36. I agree, and I don't think the last part is necessary.

  37. I know this isn't the point, but why do so many of these dorks use woman/women incorrectly? It's one womAn, many womEn!

  38. The big shopping park in my neighborhood in Tokyo has a

  39. If it helps, she's probably lying about being a nurse as well

  40. Probably... But I worked in a doctor's office for a while (not as a nurse) and it was ASTONISHING how many members of the support staff had some wildly anti-science beliefs.

  41. I have the same thing with kabob, which is just the same as our kebab but I always read it as someone saying kebab with a strong accent.

  42. I would have assumed that a bumbershoot was some kind of carnival game.

  43. It kinda sounds like a shooting gallery/ring toss hybrid, doesn't it?

  44. When I was in 4th grade, the school declared it forbidden to wear your winter coat in the classroom. The rationale? When it's cold you put a coat on to get warm. If you already have your coat on you'll freeze when you go outside because you can no longer "put it on to get warm."

  45. When I was about that age, a lot of kids wore their coat inside at least some of the time for all kinds of reasons-- the poor kids wore it to cover up their "uncool" clothes, the girls who were starting to get boobs and the boys who were popping random boners wore it to try to draw attention away from them, sometimes you ripped or stained your shirt and wanted to hide your shame, sometimes you just picked out clothes that weren't warm enough for that day and needed another layer... and sometimes you just get cold inside!

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