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  1. Geeeez how much time does she have for such BS… go and change some diapers, make dinner, bake something…

  2. Why she keeps posting that “they love her, she loves them…” It’s so weird and pathetic…

  3. which idiot takes a photo before going to the doctor???

  4. Oooh look at that ringgggg. Shame we can’t see your tits though. 😞

  5. This woman is so dimwitted. The fact that she has to get absolutely every single piece of junk she finds embroidered or printed with all of the kids' names... because she has no other ideas, is pretty bleak. She just sits around looking and looking online for the next thing to buy and put names on.

  6. Oh she was seething and wanted to send it back immediately… (btw - so pathetic 🥵)

  7. So lemme get this straight. He killed a woman and he thinks she should be imprisoned in Russia for possession of cannabis oil. Ok boomer.

  8. Why does she deem this post worthy content? Why. We all did this this week

  9. Those horrid open toe shoes 🥵 (no need to comment the dress - my flair says it all)

  10. The dress would be cute without the boobs and on a different person

  11. How do dishonorable people still get a voice? He killed a woman and she appropriated being Spanish for money and fame.

  12. I still cannot believe she suggested these restaurants💀

  13. There are people starving to death and dying in wars. There is sex trafficking and slavery. There are people in concentration camps, right now in 2022. But, please, tell me more of the dark thoughts MM had to endure. Unfuckingbelievable.

  14. Aleek! Aleek! Aleeeeek!!!! She’s such desperate f…g moron with that idiotic accent 🥵

  15. "I gotta grab you and get you this way." The cameras are pointing up, the press is struggling to make conversation, and there's a huge backup of people waiting to walk. She's oblivious! I think I would have run to hide in the bathroom after that humiliation.

  16. Right? I can’t think of any celeb’s wife acting like her…. So embarrassing….

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