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  1. A real cis working dick because bloody great I’m transgender 👍

  2. I’m pretty sure knowing I was transgender from a young age really got me knowing things a little kid shouldn’t really have to worry about. I worried about a lot and had tones of anxiety that an 8-12 year old shouldn’t need to think about. I felt trapped but I’m sure little me would be proud at how far I’ve come.

  3. What music and TV shows they’re into, always a good one

  4. The other side of the pillow.

  5. Being a friend to face and then having others telling you what they actually think of you. I can’t forget that.

  6. What’s a dark secret the government is keeping from us?

  7. “Just stop worrying all the time, no one cares”

  8. Always saying “I’ll do this at 8” and then it get to 8:01 and then it’s “you missed your chance got to wait till 9 now”

  9. Spending quality time with the people who love you and laughing. Making others laugh and just making people feel good about themselves. Even if it’s a stranger on the street, giving a random, polite, compliment and seeing the confused happy faces just makes me feel good.

  10. Open mouth chewers. It isn’t hard to close your mouth. I don’t want to see the mayo filled chicken burger being mushed up in your mouth whilst trying to have a conversation.

  11. Feeling trapped physically or mentally. It’s so frustrating and then it drains you.

  12. A walk outside with music, music in general or watching the rain. Nature is so powerful when you really take a minute and watch what’s going on.

  13. Not so much an injury but ass cramps are horrific. You just got to sit and act like nothings happening when in reality it feels like someone is shoving a broom handle up there.

  14. Go home get ahead light speed internet I don’t wanna talk about the way that it was, leave America, two kids follow her I don’t wanna talk about who’s doing it first - literally every minute of the day

  15. Your right I’m currently robing a bank 🏦 thanks 🙏

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