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  1. Tell him youll leave him if He plays one more game

  2. I cannot for thr life of me spot his dick, someone please enlighten me what we are all looking at with detailed images

  3. Bottom of the photograph. There's a faint gray shlong looking thing pointing right.

  4. I am a peak play guy and I am convinced that markeloff was the best player who touched 1.6. Navi won 4 majors in a row when he was by far their best player but I can absolutely understand people who make arguments for neo or forest. Even get right has a peak play argument.

  5. I agree. Markeloff train CT side was just otherworldly

  6. I can’t warm up to Coric for some reason. He seems like a good guy, but I just can’t get behind him.

  7. I still remember SEA players using courier to deliver bottles from mid lane to fountain to replenish.

  8. this poll will pass easily and people are freaking out over nothing, if it doesn't pass I'll give 200m to the first person to reply to this

  9. damn right i'm salty lol hence the tag

  10. Got your fix right here. I had this a few days ago. In steam going to "Steam" in top left and select settings. Select In-game tab. Second row from the bottom on the right is a setting that says Server Browser Pings/Minute. Turn this from 5000 to like 500.

  11. Refreshes the server list 5000 times which overwhelms it.

  12. There's no codifed list of majors/supermajors in the community, the closest thing we have is Liquipedia's list, which I used.

  13. What happened to m2k, what's he up to these days? Haven't followed the smash scene super closely since I started playing tekken in 2017.

  14. People have been sleeping on Negan for a minute but the character has been a really common pick for online warriors out here in Korea ever since people saw Knee basically body the entire nation of Pakistan with the character.

  15. Ooh shit. When did this happen, I gotta check that out

  16. I am 4-0 on bloodstone razor and I've just lost to one where it felt OP. Any tips how to counter it are appreciated. Pipe didn't help much

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