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  1. Clean your charging port… toothpick works like a charm

  2. Thank you.. how often were they used? I'm thinking the battery in the case is shot and just is too used to simply hold a charge

  3. danke bro hab m genommen, und soll halt sehr skinny und cropped sitzen, bin 180 und wiege um die 70 kg

  4. I know juices lyrics aren’t anything like franks. But it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a bad artist ? He was clearly talented with his music and how he put together his lyrics/flow/how he felt Durring certain times . He freestyle this whole album. I wish we got to see his full potential of actually picking up pen and paper and taking years to create a whole album. Mf was only 21 before he passed. He was just having fun like how OF was back in the day. I shouldn’t have brought franks name with juices cause it’s a unfair comparison. Frank is 10+ years into music. Juice was only 2 years. Frank had time to grow and experience different feelings and juice was just a kid having fun who had a beginner level experience and had a passion for this genre of music.

  5. When you press “get shipping label” it’ll show you with what method the buyer wants it send (if you’re unsure if its near you, try googling the method and see if there is any pick up point near you!) then all you need to do is package it up. I’d recommend a cardboard box but i’ve seen and have used bubbled letters. As long as the item itself is safe inside and tape it enough so theres no chance of it falling out.

  6. Depends on the country and shipping method the buyer selects.

  7. Bro, kann man die Länge des Armbandes aussuchen, weil 20cm ist zu lang

  8. alles gut, hab grad erkannt das man zwischen den einzelnen objekten die Größe verstellen kann, krasser find aber, danke dir

  9. Do not wait 21 days. If you don't receive your item in a reasonable period of time (say 7-10 days...)

  10. But I still don’t understand why it would be bad to wait 21 days for the seller to ship the product

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