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  1. Left a party early to go home and sleep.

  2. This was amazing! Thank you for posting it here.

  3. People that force their religious beliefs on their children are allowed to breed.

  4. I've never really gotten any kind of buzz from them but did notice that I slept deeper after taking them. But 10 times out of 10 if I took more than 3 they made me feel horribly nauseous and groggy the next day. I've only ever taken the 20 mg' s. Dunno if they are extended release or not. Either way I suggest being careful and starting with low doses.

  5. Pretty much any response to any post in

  6. Does her mom have a reddit? How bout just an e-mail address?

  7. Companies use it as a way to get out of fair pay for servers. Servers do not get paid minimum wage and I can't speak for everyone but I'd feel much better if the people handling my food weren't paid minimum wage.

  8. "Would an icicle be the perfect weapon since it would just melt and the evidence would be gone?" I dunno can you lift 300+ pounds?

  9. Not the hero we asked for, but the hero we needed.

  10. Get someone to bend over and spell run.

  11. A private one. Lawsuits are one of the more stressful things a person can endure.

  12. You'll probably never forget, but you could forgive with time.

  13. I wouldn't post anything here I wouldn't say directly to someone's face.

  14. Meth will keep you up for days with no buzz(or endorphin release). Cocaine gives you a short burst of energy that lasts about 5 minutes. Heroin is a downer that would be similar to the strongest pain pill you've ever taken. However, results vary as some experience drugs differently.

  15. Hence the part where I said: it effects everyone differently

  16. 90% of men answer the "when I grow up question wrong" it should be: " when I grow up, I wanna be a slave to my penis."

  17. Step 1: move out Step 2: get dreaded, have one night stands, explore freedom. Ma will still love ya.

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