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  1. Remove Darai and put Kira in his place and put IgaGOAT as the striker. Replace Chigiri with Messi and you have a GOAT team

  2. Sorry if I'm wrong but isn't three goals literally a hat trick? Did you just hear the word 'hatrick' and assume it was some kind of special goal?

  3. Sorry I got confused in his name, I meant imamura

  4. Imamura was shown in one of the additional times where he teamed up with Kuon and Iemon so he definitely passed the 100 goal round.

  5. Did they show what happened later? Or they might show it in additional time for some episode?

  6. Wait whice position is Raichi playing as?

  7. Formation 4-1-2-2-1 (Same as the Blue lock formation against the U20 team)

  8. Y'all aint ready for the anti arc when the doppleganger gang pull up with Bachira Ouji and Nagi Rensuke.

  9. Is there even a u18 world cup? I know there's u20 and u17 but they dont even happen at the same time, u20 os around may-june while u17 is end of the year

  10. I faintly remember that Kira was supposed to be a Forward for the U18 team. But not sure when the U18 tournament is going to be held or anything

  11. I remember reading that he was behind Wittgenstein's grade and not his classmate (though they were the same age)

  12. The Nagi hate is so weird. My man only started football 6 months before Blue Lock (compared to some others who have been playing since they were 6 years old), and is already one of the best Forwards in the series.

  13. “Did you want a revolution without a revolution?”

  14. dont slander my beloved(Camille not Musk) like that please

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