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WNBA star Brittney Griner released from Russian custody in a high-profile prisoner swap between the U.S. and Moscow

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  1. They need the ability to do more than just markers for a location, too. Instead of uploading third-party docs, let us type up notes on a specific location in app with formatting, and also as you touched on give everyone the ability to select "All Markers at Location" and "All Markers Nearby." In some sort of list view.

  2. I don't care what the icon looks like. I'm just glad they redesigned that dumpster fire of a UI

  3. I really wish they'd overhaul location notes and map markers next. Such a finicky system that leaves much to be desired.

  4. Carabiner it to your gear and it will never get left behind

  5. I used to do this, but my prior set of gear (Globe) developed a big tear around the hook where it was affixed to over time. Now I'm worried about putting too much weight on the hooks.

  6. I sure hope this is a troll post and not indicative of actual department culture wherever you work.

  7. Concerning. Politicians need to stop managing like they are managing a private corporation and penny pinching on every aspect. It feels like all them politicians these days come from the same school and have the same exact ideology.

  8. Damn. I know the area. That's really rare for FF death around there.

  9. If you are a US citizen in Russia then you are not very bright.

  10. You say this, but it's hard to just pick up and leave when your family can not necessarily come with you.

  11. Extremely disappointed in Biden administration's judgement on this one...

  12. Having your kid participate in an athletic endeavor is not the same thing as having them learn scripts, practice their lines, re-shoot fun moments because "that wasn't the one".

  13. Respectfully, any over-zealous or morally bankrupt parent can turn any activity into a nightmare. There isn't anything inherently bad about family vlogging except for, once again, things like sports and other competetive activities, which some parents take into unhealthy overdrive.

  14. But doesn't Abrams need a whole different kind of maintenance compared to Leopard considering it has a gas turbine engine?

  15. The Abrams has a regular diesel variant for export.

  16. So NATOs early warning systems are just as vulnerable to this old weapon as Russia’s are?

  17. NATO isn't directly fighting a war. It's air defenses are mostly in monitoring mode and unless there is a clear and present threat, they aren't going to just start shooting missiles at unidentified aircraft. That is how you end up like Iran, or Russia, blowing civilian planes out of the sky. NATO tracked the flight path of the incoming drone, and opted not to react. Something that pissed off the affected countries quite a bit.

  18. Why not just form a new union without Hungary? Same goes with UN. Form a new one without Russia

  19. The UN GA has the power to override Russia's veto. This power was added in the 50's for almost exactly this kind of situation. It's not publicized because this is not something the allies actually wish to do becaus Russia having the veto is a stand in for the geopolitical reality of Russia. Removing their ability to veto changes nothing about the allies' willingness to take more direct action than they already have.

  20. Two days after Elon bought twitter "War in Ukraine" stopped trending after 8 months of trending. Should be pretty obvious Elon is anti-Ukraine.

  21. Or perhaps Twitter was previously manipulating trending and that happened to be in Ukraine's favor. Twitter's trending shifted dramatically overall after his takeover, more than he individually could have prescribed changes for. It's likely Ukraine related content was boosted by the original algorithm previously, either intentionally or unintentionally, and the subsequent updates to the weighting of political and other such content killed things like that from trending.

  22. The passport card is the same size as the license and counts as Real ID and is perfect for domestic air travel once and whenever the Real ID deadline passes and is actually enforced.

  23. Global Entry card as well for those that have those are considered valid for real id purposes. I'm sure there are others.

  24. South Korea has by far the busiest metro system in the world, followed by China. Japan's Tokyo metro system is only third in ridership, not first.

  25. The metaverse is just a glorified chat room. Business is trying to make people like it when really nobody cares about it.

  26. They're killing the imagery of VR with all these stupid ventures when there are real qualities to it.

  27. Isn't it pretty fucking unconstitutional for the US government to be able to pass a law preventing the assembly of people to strike? Legit question, I'm no lawyer.

  28. They don't prevent the assembly, but they can remove the legal protections from consequences between two private parties. Which is what they essentially did here.

  29. Lol Trump would not have given them anything and would've pulled a Reagan

  30. Doesn't really make a difference. People get vindictive when you screw them over. So they will often eat even more shit just to get back at you. More people ought to remember that when pushing the boundaries and breaking promises.

  31. Old man with hearing aid thought his ringing cellphone was his fire alarm. And this isn't the first time this has happened with the same guy.

  32. Do you not know how a pension works…? If they are upping the age it’s probably because they need to keep money in it long term…if you have an actual pension you should really ask one of your board members why that line of thinking is a terrible idea for your pension and ask to see your pension actuary report.

  33. Yea but 12 people in an elevator is super uncomfortable even if not over the weight limit

  34. The average weight in the US is 180 lbs. Which would, doing some basic math, accommodate 12 people under the limit.

  35. It taught you some actual virtual skills too. The later versions just became fake COD sadly.

  36. How is this labeled urgent? This is a long term contract. They aren't getting them anytime in the next 6 months.

  37. Cool. You don't have the same situation at all as Quebec but thanks for sharing.

  38. Wagner is now considered as a Terrorist group & can be attacked by NATO Allies, inside Ukraine & Syria. Something is coming soon.

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